Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had hopes the scale would be back down to where it was last Friday, but nope, only at 158.8. Which is not a completely bad thing considering I was at 159.6 on Monday, but knowing that Im still not back down to where I was last week is frustrating.

I have noticed a pattern though, that I am usually at my highest weight on Wednesdays, and lowest on Fridays. Monday is usually right in the middle. I really dont know why that is, but I really wish that I could at least maintain a steady weight throughout the week. While working out this evening I realized that is already almost mid March, and it doesnt look like this month will show any loss either. Lets hope that this is the month I really notice results with my measurements.

I am looking into this, but briefly (because I dont count calories), I plugged my calories into a calorie counter, and it looks like I am possibly not eating enough. That seems strange to cause a gain or maintain, but maybe with what Im eating and the frequency with which Im working out, Im actually not losing but gaining. Just a thought. I may track a few days and if it looks that way, I may try eating more and see what happens.

Thanks to everyone who posted great ideas for helping me when I stay over at my boyfriends. Most of the time I can plan to bring healthy foods, but sometimes I have those nights where Ive had too much to drink, the weather sucks, or I fall asleep watching a movie with him and its not planned. Those are the hard times. And exercise - in the summer we are really good with this and at least go for walks or bike rides. Last Sunday was difficult because we were gone all day (woke up, went to breakfast, went to the game, came home and had dinner with his parents, I went home, made my lunch for the next day, and went to bed). This isnt always the case, I think normally its hard to get my butt moving because I feel bad being at his house, but then ditching him. I need some ideas of how to get exercise in but involving him too so hes not bored or wondering why I didnt just go home....

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I have nothing to add to the conversation....I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I can certainly relate to your frustration and that I support you and wish you the best and that I know how hard it is to juggle everything.

You have done such a great job becoming fit and healthy and you continue to make positive changes and I just hope you know what an inspiration you are! It might take awhile to reach your next goal but every day that you maintain, you strengthen yourself and get closer to being a long term success story. Oh, I wish I had seen the light as you have when I was your age!


Tony said...

Definitely eat more if you aren't getting enough calories. Your right about the fact that having too much of a calorie deficit could actually hinder weight loss.

The American Homemaker said...

It is weird how weight changes from day to day.

Our bodies are so odd that they can gain weight with too little calories!

Anonymous said...

It sounds strange, but its absolutely true!

Sometimes not eating enough calories will you put on weight, the body realizes its not being fed enough and stores the fat in your body and wont let you burn it. Your metabolism slows down and everything!

Also, your weight will always fluctuate, even throughout the day! Most of it is water weight, and (not to be gross) but whatever you have eaten and haven't "passed" yet, play a factor too. You will never way the same amount every single time you weigh yourself...not to the decimal! Try not to stress over these tiny fluctuations.

Your doing good, girl! Give yourself some credit! You know, stress is also a big weight loss blocker! TRY (I know.. easier said than done), not to stress it so much.

Keep up the great work girlie! you look fantastic! =)

Cammy said...

Every time I've upped my calories a little (and in a healthy way), I've had a loss. Even as little as 100 calories can make a difference.

new*me said...

I am in the process of calorie cycling right now to break my plateau. I will let you know if it works for me. You may need to eat more calories to trick your body as well ;)

Laura N said...

Hope the calorie tracking reveals that you need MORE food. My guess is, you do. How cool will that be? :)