Monday, March 9, 2009


Some times I feel like I have to make choices that arent so easy. I am not talking about a choice between a cooke and an apple. Im talking more along the lines of - stay home and be able to eat your healthy meals and exercise, vs stay at your boyfriends house where you have little control over the meals and no exercise. Thats the choice I had to make this weekend. Its hard because I want both. I want to have a healthy lifestyle, but I also want to be able to stay at my boyfriends house without a fear of a gain.

I chose to stay at my boyfriends house, and as a result Im up 3 pounds. I dont necessarily regret my decision, but I wish there was a way to reconcile these two different worlds. Dont get me wrong, its not that my boyfriend and his house are totally unhealthy. However, by staying at his house I knew that I wouldnt be able to get my exercise in yesterday. I also knew that I would likely be eating foods that I dont normally eat. I went back and forth on Saturday -should I stay there or shouldnt I? We were planning on going to a Blackhawks game yesterday, so it made sense to just stay at his house. But I couldnt help but also realize that doing so would jeopordize the healthy routines I have for myself.

Thats why its hard. I want both things, and both things make me happy. I cant really change the fact that there isnt really any way for me to exercise (not to mention time since it was get up and go right to the game), but we also went out to breakfast and its something that he wanted, and we do enjoy doing. I dont go out all out and use it as a chance to eat whatever I want, I still stick to w hat I know is healthy, however just not having my typical sunday morning healthy breakfast and working out for half hour, apparently causes quite a gain. It makes me not want to do this and this is why I dont usually stay over at his place. Its just difficult because I dont like to make this choice. I am happy with him, so therefore I want to be with him. But Im not happy losing my routine and gaining weight.

so what to do? I dont know. I guess get over the fact that this is probably just a temporary gain, but its disapointing since I was at my lowest weight on Friday and now Im back up here again. I just cannot wait until we can finally live together and then I wont even have to worry about how to reconcile our two worlds.


Wei Sic Meow said...

I know exactly what you mean, this was my life before my bf and I moved in together. It is tough to feel like you have to choose between time together and your routine. I would sometimes even leave him for a couple of hours and go to the gym. Or he would come to the gym with me. Hang in there. It does still feel like a choice when it happens, but you can find the balance.

Is living together on the cards for you guys?

MB said...

I hate having to make choices between two things that I desperately want. Hopefully you'll get back down to your lowest soon.

new*me said...

why can't you exercise at his place? I really believe you can exercise anywhere.....

Go outside and take a walk

stay in and do push ups, jumping jacks, core resistance

bring along a workout dvd

Bring healthy food if you have to! I really think you can do it if you have the right mindset. To be with someone, takes compromise, but it should never be a compromise of your health. Maybe you could be an example for him........exercise together......cook together!

Look at is as a time to inspire through your actions, rather than your words.

I think I can, I think I can....


The American Homemaker said...

Tough one... I'm the same way. I wanna have a life, but life is fattening... LOL

Cammy said...

Ouch, sorry about the pounds. :(

Could you take a "snack pack" with you to BF's place? I have a zebra-striped insulated bag that I carry with me for overnighters. I'll throw some packets of oatmeal, some almonds, fruit and yogurt in there, and I'm good for the duration. I've also been known to stop and buy a bunch of fruit for a weekend stay. As a host/hostess "gift" that I get the benefit of. :)

I also agree with MB that exercise is possible anywhere you want. Squats, lunges, planks, and such are great for those times when you can't get to a gym or your home equipment.

Doug said...

Ahh yea. Definitely had issues with this. My ex was good at making me eat decently when we went to restaurants though.

It's tough!! Being able to say no to the snacks is key, even though it's the reason most people are here... I have no specific advice.

Just a good luck!

carla said...

Im with annette.

and Im with annette enough I now wanna make a video tailored to YOU and there :)

I have a number of thoughts if you want em about what you could do IF you wanna fit in exercise there!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the American Homemaker "Life is fattening"! LOL

Truer words have never been spoken! =) but in all seriousness... I know a couple of posts back, you were saying how you wanted one of those rock hard bodies, if thats the case, maybe you should give your scale a break. If you are lifting weights and gaining muscle, you know the scale will go up. Just something to think about!