Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Looking Great in 2008 Week #7

Yea! I had a 1.4 loss this week!!! Even with TOM on the way! Very happy about that. It puts me at 17.8 pounds lost, and I am at 190.0!! Do you KNOW how close that is to being in the 180s?! Man I just want to get over that hump. I feel like Ive been in the 190s forever.

In a recap of the week, I think it has gone really well. I made good food choices when eating out last weekend and went to a movie and didnt have popcorn which is a first for me.

Today is Halloween and my office had food galore: caramel brownies, cookies (those really soft ones that have the frosting and sprinkles on them that I loooove), chips and crackers with dip, chocolate covered strawberries, fudge, and these enchilada rollup looking things. I walked in the room........and walked out of it. Saw there was not one carrot stick or veggie platter to be found. I am proud of myself because it was tough. I will admit that I had a few thoughts as to whether or not 1 piece of fudge or 1 cookie would hurt me, but I had to weigh in tonight and that was actually a great deterent. And no, 1 of those things would not hurt me, however I am trying to lead a healthy life and the further I stay away from things like that, the better because eating those things only got my in to trouble. And right now, I am not strong enough to eat those things in moderation.

I did have a few challenges, namely, I did not get back into yoga this week which I really wanted to do. I woke up on Saturday and said, do yoga! but I did not. I thought about it on Monday too, but also did not. I need to get my butt in gear! I have also posted about the hard time this has been on my relationship with my boyfriend. I think for now the subject has closed. He knows how I feel, he knows what I want him to do and not do, and I guess we move on from there. I am still kind of upset that it had to come to that and result in 2 rediculous fights (over pizza for gods sake!), but we havent been together for 8 yrs for nothing.

So this week I plan on DOING YOGA!!!!!!! I plan on continuing to make good choices for myself on the weekends when I eat out. I do have a jewelry party on Sunday I am going to that I know will have snacks and things but I will eat before I go and bring a Lite with me in case I do get hungry. That is the plan. And planning is everything :)


Mary said...

I'll make a deal with you.
I promise to do Pilates tomorrow, if you do Yoga. Deal?

(This way, if I try to bail on the Pilates, I'll feel so guilt-ridden that I'll go do it anyway. Hey, guilt is a good motivator. I'll do wahtever works!)

Mary said...

I really do know how to spell "whatever" -- honest :(

MB said...

I just found my way to your blog and making my way through the archives. You are an inspiration and should be proud of yourself. Every post I read was like reading about myself too. We will eventually get there as long as we continue to do the right things and make the right choices.

Here's to looking great in 2008 *cheers*

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Oooh, I bought a Yoga dvd that I haven't even opened. You're making me wanna do that this month!

Congrats on making progess this weigh-in!!! That was a good loss for one week.

The Princess

Courtney said...

Good job passing up that Halloween candy! Its a hard thing to do.

Scale Junkie said...

YAY!! Congrats on a great loss! Good job resisting the candy and I'm looking forward to you posting about the Yoga!! I think that its something I'll eventually try.

Mama Bear June said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the loss! Here's to getting out of the 190s!
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