Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Good and the Bad

Well lets get the bad over: I ate 3 tootsie roll pops today. Not 1 or 2, but THREE. Not sure why yesterday I had no problem not giving in to temptation, but today there those tootsie roll pops were and in my mouth they went. Actually I am ok with this because I skipped a Lite to compensate.

And besides..I think the good made up for it: I did yoga today!! Mary and I made a deal and I am happy to say that I kept my half, hopefully she did too!

It felt wonderful to get back into it, although I struggled and it just shows how out of shape I am. The dvd I did has 2 series of poses, and I could only do the Suryanamaskar A (Sun Salutation A). B was always more challenging, but I was so awesome at it. I didnt even go there today. But I am proud that I am working on this whole exercise thing some more, and glad to be doing yoga again. It feels so wonderful.

For anyone curious, the yoga I do is called Ashtanga yoga. It is a more fast paced yoga than your typical sit on a map and meditate. You go through a series of practiced movements with a hatha breathing technique so that the breath fits in with the poses. Let me tell you, you definitely feel it in ever part of your body, and my heart rate always goes up. I struggled with the downward dog tonight which is one of my favorite poses to hold. But these movements feel so good. I would have to say that this is the first exercise I had ever done where I feel something in my lower stomach. The feeling you would get if you did like a 1000 crunches. Thats the part I need the most work on.

For me, yoga really puts me in such touch with my body. During these poses, you have such an awareness of every movement and breath and I feel very connected with myself. Thats why I enjoy it, and why I think for the most part, I am very aware of myself at all times. I think I have lost some touch since I havent done yoga in a while, but I felt it again tonight and it feels so great to feel "right" in my body. I keep recommending yoga to my sister who has an eating disorder because I think it would help her. But she has to to really try it.

Nickie Doane (the instructor in this dvd series) is also an awesome instructor. She is not one of those silly perky unitard wearing people. She is very spiritual and has studied with yogi in India who are world renowned. I dont think I could do yoga with anyone but her as the instructor. I have heard that whoever your first yoga instructor is, is the one you bond with and its hard to follow someone else. I think I fit that profile.

Anyways, enough babbling, it felt great, I am happy that I am getting back into it again, and I think those 3 tootsie roll pops are history!


Mary said...

Mary slaps Heather a virtual High Five to celebrate
Go Heather!
I swear, if I hadn't promised you I would never had done Pilates tonight. But I Had To Do It. I knew you would follow through on your half of the deal!

Scale Junkie said...

So glad you found a virtual workout partner, WTG both of you!!

Your three tootsie roll pops reminded me of the many licks does it take to get to the center...maybe you aren't old enough to remember that one LOL

Janet said...

You've been tagged!

Teale said...

I've never done yoga. I don't think I COULD do it at this weight... maybe one day I'll give it a try!