Friday, July 16, 2010


Yes I am still here! Its been a busy week. I moved into a new apartment with my fiance on Sunday so things have been a bit crazy the past 2 weeks with packing, moving, and unpacking. Everything is definitely out of sorts, but my new apartment is so much bigger and nice, and its nice to have the "official" movein with my fiance since we are always together, but we didnt officially live together yet. Unfortunately all the moving and stress caused me to get a cold the day after we moved. So I have been dealing with that all week too.

I wasnt sure what to expect with my weighin, but it wasnt bad 146.6. Thats actually what I weighed last week when i skipped posting, so a maintain is not a bad thing at all. I technically only worked out once this week. Mostly because the other 2 days I was so sick or busy and didnt have any of my equipment or dvd player and dvds, but Im fairly certain I burned my share of calories on Sunday and moving with all the moving and cleaning. I could definitely tell that because of all the exercising I do, my stamina was really good. My old apartment is on the second floor of where I live now and in a completely different wing (there are three wings to this apartment complex). Instead of taking the elevator, I was going up and down those stairs and down the hallways and for the most part, I was feeling great. I was carrying boxes and stuff that was really heavy and pushing myself to the limit just as I would when working out. So when its all said and done, I think I worked out just fine enough with that and can give myself a break for not doing my routine every day as I normally would. Now if only I was smart enough to have drank enough water and eaten something I wouldnt have gotten sick.

But now the exercise equipment, dvds, and dvd player are unpacked and set up, so I have no excuse. Its going to be a little different now that I live with my fiance to get into a rhythm of working out since sometimes I do it when I feel like it which may or may not be good now that he will be here and perhaps its dinner time or whatever. But he understands its important to me so I know he will let me do my thing. I was a little nervous about the food situation since he eats fairly healthy, but we did have to buy some things at the store that I dont buy such as chips and snacks. I was worried that I would be tempted, but Im actually not. Ive made healthy meals all week (well except for one trip to Jimmy Johns for dinner because we didnt have any food, but I had a whole wheat turkey sandwich so I was good) and I realize I dont have much to worry about since he will eat healthy with me.

Its really really hot here as well. Pushing 100 and then with some humidity. So I pulled out something I havent worn in perhaps 10 years - a pair of shorts. Now I wear shorts around the house or to sleep in, but not to actually go out in public in. But I did it today. I still have some jiggliness to my legs and mostly thighs, but I have to say that its not horrible. Ive seen people who look much worse out there today wearing shorts, and it feels really good not to be hot and walking around in jeans or capris like I have for so many years. This definitely makes the weight loss worth it!


Blossom said...

What about skirts? I love that they cover my cellulite thighs but are cool!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

It's good to hear from you. Brings back memories of my second apartment (with my fiance at the time, now husband). A special time.

Wear your shorts with pride! You earned that!

Trisaratops said...

Um moving totally counts as exercise! It's great to hear how easy it was for you too! Happy unpacking!

Trisaratops said...
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