Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving is the new diet

I guess that moving is the new diet because I weighed myself today at 144.4! I didnt do anything differently this week other than I was constantly unpacking, moving things, and cleaning, so I guess that all burns quite a few calories I would say. Not complaining and hopefully this isnt a fluke and I can really claim this as a loss.

Life here has been really busy and a bit stressful. Last weekend we were so busy that we didnt get as much done as we had wanted, so just about every night this week has been busy doing things around our new place. I did get in 3 days of exercise this week which is more than I can say for last week, so thats one positive thing. My new workout area is a bit smaller so its an adjustment to move around the furniture in the room, but Im not going to let that stop me. Things are falling into a routine which is better, and I have been making some new meals. My fiance also grilled 2 nights which was wonderful because of course its nice to have someone cook for you, but also because it makes a standard such as chicken taste different.

Every weekend for about the next month is shaping up to be so busy too, but good busy. I have wedding planning things, concerts, and parties lined up so its nice to have fun things to do, and I already know I can master most situations and find healthy things to eat. Last Sunday some friends of ours invited us out to dinner to this chicken place. It was featured on that show Diners, Driveins, and Dives. Well of course it is a FRIED chicken place so I wasnt too excited about going there. As I suspected, the menu was pretty much fried chicken and any other friend food you could imagine. However, they did have a great salad bar and I found the one food that was actually grilled. It ended up being a great meal and while I didnt really have much of a choice in what I ate, I felt good knowing I found something healthy and enjoyed it anyways.

Sorry I havent been around to many blogs, I am a bad reader! hopefully can catch up this weekend.

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Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

That's great, Heather! That's a fun number!