Friday, June 18, 2010

Wrong Way Part 2

It seems the wrong way thing just keeps on going. Last week I actually was down to 147.8 which was a welcome surprise, but today its back to 148. Now I realize that I am supposed to be maintaining, however since I reached my goal, I havent done anything differently in terms of weight or exercise. So by that right, shouldnt my weight still be moving downwards? I guess that is why I am a little confused and surprised. it makes me feel as if I am doing something wrong. I have hit things like this in the past, but usually when I would look honestly at what I was doing, I was either not exercising as much, not measuring out my food, or sneaking things here and there which would all make sense why I was not losing. I have lost pretty steadily since January and here I am again at a stall and this time, I really dont know why it is. For about the last month its been an up and down game again, and a game that I get so tired of. Yes I am happy where I am at, but I was also hoping that by doing what I was doing, my weight would just continue down and eventually level off once I was at the point where the calories I was eating would be what was needed to maintain. Apparently the calories I eat now are enough to maintain.

Enough of the negative - I have had a great past week. Last Friday was my birthday and it was wonderful. I received a lot of nice gifts from family and friends and its always nice to have a special day where you can feel great. And I am even happier that I still have 2 more years before I have to think about the big 3-0!

Work has been really stressful though and is keeping me busy, and last week I ended up missing the White Sox game I was supposed to go to with my fiance because I got caught up in work and I was NOT happy. If I didnt have a wedding coming up, I would seriously put way more effort into finding a new job. No job should take up so much of your time that you miss out on fun things. Maybe its all this stress thats causing my weight to bounce around - who knows if stress can really do that, but I guess its a good enough excuse.

Hopefully next post I can write the title as "Right way" and see a loss on the scale next week. I would at least like to be at 147 again. The further I can get from 150 the better.


Teale said...

You are doing a great job, and in maintenance, you're going to see slight fluctuations in your weight. It was only .2 difference, two-tenths of a pound! You could have let a fart and lost that amount! LOL. Not trying to be crude, just saying, .2 is such a tiny amount that it certainly doesn't mean negative progress!

MB said...

Stress can definitely affect weight loss. I'm living proof of that. I wouldn't stress out about those kind of numbers though. Weight can fluctuate a few pounds depending on the day so I'm sure you'll be back down in no time.

Happy Belated Birthday!