Friday, June 25, 2010

Right way!

My positive thinking of being able to write about going the right way on the scale paid off. I just weighed in at a new low - 146.4! I am definitely happy that this week I didnt see a gain, and I am back down further away from 150.

I was a little nervous after last weekend since I went out to dinner with my fiance and his family and the restaurant that was selected had absolutely nothing that was healthy. There was chicken, but it was either fried or covered in cheese. Fish, again breaded or covered in some type of sauce that was unhealthy. I selected the healthiest dish I could find, filled up on salad, and I am glad that one meal didnt screw things up on the scale and I can feel decent about the choice I basically was forced to make. It happens to us all, we are invited out to eat and struggle to make choices and sometimes you can and sometimes you cant. It wasnt the first time Ive been in the position and I know it wont be the last and Im glad that I can just move on from it and that the scale doesnt punish me.

Ive been wanting to write about the Losing it with Jillian show since I have been reading mixed thoughts about it on different blogs. Ive watched the show, and while it isnt biggest loser and is definitely a way to promote her and her products, I think she is getting a lot of crap because she is so hard on people when I think thats exactly what they need. Now I may be biased because I like her and have all her dvds, but for the most part, I think there are 2 kinds of people. People who when pushed, can break through whatever block they have and move on or those who just give up. I realize this because as time has gone on, Ive realized that I am the kind of person who likes a challenge and so I really respect where she comes from. For example, my mom also has her 30 day shred that I myself have as well. The first few times I did that dvd, it was hard and I was tempted to give up. But I also realized that if I kept doing it, every time it would get a little easier. Thats exactly what happened and by the end of the 30 days, I was doing that dvd like it was my job and was so proud that I could keep up. Now my mom on the other hand gave up after 2 tries and had no desire to push herself to achieve more. I think a lot of times people do not realize what they are capable of, and sometimes if all it takes is a woman screaming in your face to push you to a point where you finally realize you can do it, then its worth it. Not everyone has that drive. Not everyone feels the way that i do - that you can work at something little by little instead of being intimidated. I am sure that is why losing weight and becoming healthier is harder for some than others. Im not saying it wasnt hard for me, but I had that drive and didnt let bumps in the road or others deter me. Its too bad not everyone is like that, but I do appreciate what Jillian is doing, whether it seems harsh or not, I get where she is coming from. Thats what I take away from the show anyways. Not the fluff or the money or the tears. That you can push yourself and achieve things you never realized you could if you dont give up.

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MB said...

Congrats on the new low! That's awesome. I wish more restaurants would make an attempt to have a few healthy options. It's so hard to stay on track and eat out.

Jillian is tough but she gets results. I know she would have me crying like a baby. Did you know she kicked my a$$? and it was just a warm-up. ;)