Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Very excited that I get a long weekend! We had a half day at work yesterday as well so it was wonderful to be able to go out and enjoy the day and not have to be stuck in a cubicle. My fiance and I spent last night at our friend's house, sitting outside with the tiki torches enjoying some healthy snacks such as fruit and almonds. It was a fantastic start to the weekend. I am also glad it involved healthy snacks since I am sure the rest of this weekend may be filled with some not so great choices.

Weight this week was 148 which is .2 more than the week before, but since I am shooting for maintenance, I see no problems with that. I continue to weigh myself because I feel like I need to make sure that I am at least keeping around this weight. In the past I would avoid the scale and then a month later find that I had gained like 10 pounds. I feel like I still need to be accountable when I know I have to weigh in at the end of every week. I was extremely bloated this week due to missing my birth control period one day (oops!) and then had to take 2 the next day which resulted in horrible stomach bloating, cramps, and issues in the bathroom I wont share. So in addition to of course the increased chance of getting pregnant, you deal with all of that when you miss a pill so its not worth it! I had a BUSY week at work and unfortunately one of those days I completely missed taking it at lunch because my lunch ended up being at like 2:30-3 in the afternoon. But anyways, I have felt really bloated and gross since then so I bet that .2 from last week is due to that whole incident.

I appreciate all the comments about the "shower" that I was given. My finance's side is throwing me a shower as well which I know is going to be at a nice place and be a special day for me so I do have that to look forward to. I just walked away from the whole incident with my family feeling like they did what they did because they figured I was already getting a nice shower, so why even try? Its also sad when your own family (and the first grandchild to be getting married), does less than your family-to-be. It honestly hurt my feelings and other than my mom, I havent spoken to anyone since then. I sent out thank you notes and was the polite bride, but I feel very hurt by what happened and I dont feel like talking to any of them for a long time. Especially when i have seen other showers some of my aunts have given and they were nothing like what I experienced. Sometimes life just isnt fair, and Im moving on and will enjoy the shower I have coming up in August.

Other fun things on the horizon this weekend include the Blackhawks playoff game tonight, and then a cook out on Memorial day with my friends and some of my fiance's family. Hopefully there will be chicken this year - sometimes there are only burgers and brats, but Im keeping my fingers crossed for some chicken. I can usually find my way to some healthy treats, and I found a great recipe on sparkpeople for a fruit pizza that is pretty healthy so Im going to try that and bring it as a least one healthy option.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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