Friday, May 21, 2010

About Time

I figured it was about time that I posted and actually have the time to do it lately. I love blogging and I hate when weeks pass by and I dont get on here to actually write. Mostly I write for myself but I definitely know that most of the people who read me probably dont anymore and I wouldnt blame them since I barely post anymore.

Anyways, obviously yes things have been really busy lately. Work is picking up to that completely crazy level it was at before, then my family came in for mothers day, and then last week I was busy with a 17 mile bike ride that i did on Saturday. It was awesome! I know that I work out 5 days a week but I was still a little nervous to do the 17 miles given I dont normally ride a bike when I work out, but I was really pleased that I did it without much trouble and could keep up with my fiance who rides daily (about 30 miles a day). It was really fun, and it was nice to be able to do that with my fiance and his family (his mom, dad, and cousin came too). I was happy too when I plugged in the numbers to see how many calories I burned and it was 500.

Weight is about the same - down .2 to 157.8 which is basically a maintain and is what Im trying to do. Last time I got to my goal I still felt like I could do more and wasnt really happy with where I was at. This time I feel much more settled and comfortable with how I look and feel. Part of me is curious if I could go further, but at the same time, Im not sure I really know what the point is. If Im happy and doing well here, then I should just keep doing what Im doing. Plus things have been so busy I dont think I could do much more to push it.

Things on the wedding front have been pretty good - we are at the point where most everything is done and we can just sit back and wait. Next weekend it will be a year that we have been engaged which is hard to believe. We are getting ready to move into our new apartment in about a month. I did have a horrible experience with a "shower" on mothers day though. I went to my grandmas and we were celebrating mothers day, my grandpas birthday, and my cousin's daughters birthday as well. Halfway through the day, my aunts, mom, and grandma came out with presents and said "surprise" indicating this was a surprise shower. I was upset not only because I hate surprises, but because none of my bridesmaids or matron were told about this, and my sister was completely left out and sat there feeling horrible that she knew nothing. I didnt have on my "special" shower dress that I bought, or have my camera. And then after I opened the gifts, that was it. Nothing - no games, nothing special. I cried the entire way driving home. Now I realize I may sound ungrateful or bitchy, but trust me, my unhappiness has nothing to do with not appreciating the thought. Its just that in my opinion (and my sisters as well), no thought was put into this. I have waited so long to be a bride and have worked really hard to do all the wedding planning and was looking forward to the fun things now, like my shower. only to find out that I dont even really get a shower. just 10 min spent on throwing gifts at me, trying to buy me off. I realize if its all my grandma could do, thats fine. but give me a corsage, a bride sash or something. Get all of the men out of the room, make me a special dessert. Is that too much to ask for? I guess it is. Maybe I just sound like a brideszilla, but it was absolutely horrible.

Enough of that. Here's a pic of my fabulous bike ride:


Teale said...

Glad to see a new post from you!

I'm sorry you're disappointed with your surprise shower. Will your MOH be throwing you one though? Then you'll get to wear a special dress & do the fun shower stuff I bet! These family members were probably just trying to do something of their own, and even though it's not what you envisioned, they did take the time to at least plan a small get together & put thought into buying you a few gifts, which is more than some people get!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Oh, Heather, you don't sound like Bridezilla at all. It makes me sad to hear that you did not get the shower that you envisioned. Hopefully, there will be one that will include your bridesmaids and your fiance's side of the family and you will get the honor you deserve, wearing your special dress.

Could your family have thrown the impromptu "surprise" shower to throw you off the trail of something bigger? Hmmmmm....

Anything is possible! Enjoy this special time leading up to your big day.

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

P.S. Good job on the maintenance!

MB said...

Hey Stranger - I was happy to see a new post from you. Glad to hear your maintaining and in a good place with your weight. I can't wait to learn how to do the maintenance thing.

Congrats on the bike ride. It sounds like fun.

Sorry your family didn't give you the shower you wanted. I think your sister and bridesmaids should plan another shower so you can wear your new dress, take pictures and do all those funny, silly shower games.

You've waited a long time and you should be able to have the shower of your dreams. Here's hoping they do the right thing for you.

Hope to see you post again soon.

Take care.

Trisaratops said...

Oh man, that's rough. You don't sound like a bridezilla! You're only getting married once, and so it is totally natural to imagine and want all the niceties that come with being a bride. And my goodness, having it slid inbetween a bunch of celebrations on the same day is frustrating!! Totally not special. I'd be annoyed too. Hopefully your bridal party will throw you something special. After the wedding,you'll be so happy to be married and moving forward, I know you'll have a great time on that day, since you planned it! Hang in there.