Friday, April 30, 2010

Time Passes By

Things have gotten so busy and unfortunately this blog got put on the back burner the past 2 weeks. I cannot believe how time just flies on by.

Life is going well, I have been busy with parties, looking at limos and tuxes for the wedding, and looking at apartments. My fiance and I decided to move into a 2 bedroom apt because we need the room and we found a really nice one so it will be moving time in July. Wish it could be a house, but that will be on our agenda after the wedding for sure.

Work is picking up a lot as well and I think my time of leaving work at a decent hour is up. Construction season started (yes here in Chicago road construction is a season) and it has caused me to spend hours more in the car a day so its been a struggle to get my exercise in. I was doing about 5 days a week and that has gone down to 4, and I really hope I can at least keep that. its funny because years ago I would not have been concerned at all about working out, but the other day I complained to my fiance how I didnt have time to work out that day and would gain weight again, and he said, "you wont gain weight because you didnt work out for one day", and he is perfectly right. Sometimes I just have to remind myself of that fact.

I also had lunch out last week because a coworker won lunch for herself and 10 other coworkers so I got invited a long. it was a breakfast place and while I really would have loved the cinnabon french toast, I got the most amazing breakfast: it was half of a pinapple filled with yogurt, granola, bananas, and strawberries. SO delicious. Everyone made such a big deal how I was choosing to eat healthy, but in my eyes, it was definitely worth it.

Yesterday I was traveling to a client site and the consultant I was with took me out to lunch where I had a wrap so I have really been trying to just do the best that I can. My weight is only down .2 from last week, but since I hit my goal, Im really ok with being where Im at and 148.8 is a perfectly fine weight for me.

So thats been my life the past few weeks in a nutshell. The coming week will be crazy too since my family will be in for mothers day, and I have a baby shower to attend as well. Im sure there will be lots of food and more healthy choices I will continue to make.

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MB said...

It's nice to hear what you've been up to lately. Are you eating or working out differently now that you are maintaining and not trying to lose anymore?