Friday, March 5, 2010

Doing it for the future

Weight today is 152.4, so a .8 loss. Im averaging about that each week now and I am pretty pleased with that. Hopefully at this rate I will be at my goal in 2-3 weeks. That should be good timing too since my wedding dress is supposed to be in by the end of the month and I would definitely like my alterations to be taken at this weight and it will be good incentive to maintain this until October.

Ive realized more and more this past month about how important everything I do now is for the future. Sure in the immediate future I want to be a certain weight and look a certain way, but I cant help but face that in 40-50 yrs from now, what I do now matters more than ever. When my dad was visiting a few weeks ago he wasnt here just to see me. My grandpa has been in bad shape the last 2 yrs or so. He falls down just about every week, has put himself in the hospital countless times, and he cannot really walk or do anything on his own. He fell about a month ago and was in the hospital and he was coming home the weekend my dad was here, who was helping out. Hearing my dad talk about what shape my grandpa was in made me really scared because I dont want to be that 60 years from now. I realize that when you get old its harder to do things and there are certain pitfalls, but I also see that things doing have to be the way they are for my grandpa. His years of smoking, poor eating habits, and being obese have taken its toll on him, and I know that could have easily been me years and years from now if I hadnt made the decision to change. I know I am still at risk for certain things and my future is not certain because of the choices I make now, but at least I know that I can change what Im doing now to ensure that I can be healthiest I can be when I am older. My fiance actually told me about an 80 year old man who still drag races in the NHRA I believe which I think is awesome. To be in that physical condition at an older age and not letting yourself be held back from what you love. Thats how I want to be and I really hope I am. Because I hate to think of what my life will be like if I were to end up like my grandpa.

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Oh, are singing my song. I think I've told you before how wonderful it is that you have found health and fitness at your age. I don't have many regrets in life but the one I do have is that it took me until my late 40's to find a way to enjoy healthy eating and moving. Keep up the great work!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Hi Heather,

I'm new to your blog. Wow! Amazing success! I'm quite a bit older than you (like I could be your mother), but I worked to lose my childhood weight at 29 because of some of the same concerns about my future health. I would hate to think of how much older my body would feel if I would have carried that weight for the last twenty years.

So, my point is that you are smart to look at your grandpa's condition and to think ahead. Your husband and your potential future children will benefit, too!

Plus, you'll look smokin' in your wedding dress!

MB said...

I regularly kick myself for not getting a handle on my weight years ago. It's tough at any age but it only gets harder and harder. I'm glad you've been getting good results and I'm sure that dress will look amazing on you no matter what your weight.