Friday, February 19, 2010

Not too bad

I am down .6 for the week which is actually really surprising. I thought for sure Id be up or even maintain, but I am sitting happy at 154.

It has been quite a week - I worked late (11 hrs) on Wednesday and missed my workout. I started feeling sick on Sunday which turned into the flu as well as a horrible ear infection. I cannot hear out my left ear at all. I feel so exhausted; I slept for 11 hrs straight on Sunday, yet woke up for my Valentines day dinner and felt like I had slept for 2 hrs. Then TOM is starting so I am more bloated than I have ever felt. Yet despite this, I still pulled out a loss, so I cannot complain.

It has been difficult to work out with the same intensity I usually do because I get out of breath so easily and fatigue much more quickly. I know that my body probably does need the rest so I am trying not to push it too hard. I guess its just the stress of work and the wedding all rolled into one.

Definitely staying in tonight to get some much needed rest since tomorrow we have appts to see 2 florists, and my dad is also in town so I will be spending much of Sunday out and about with him. All good stuff, just not stuff that leads to rest.


Loser Girl said...

great job!! I wish I was at 154 again, sigh..

Cammy said...

Awesome! Hope you feel better soon!

Lady Vea said...

Get better soon, you are amazing to pull a loss with all that ESP since you are sooo close to your goal weight... they say that last 10lbs is a B_ _ _ _. ;-) Have fun at the florists!

Susie said...

So, how were the florists?? Looking forward to reading about the details. Honey, please please take care of yourself!!! I like those 11 hour sleeps, myself. Less time for me ro misbehave :o)
Hope you are feeling good. Yay on the loss!