Friday, February 12, 2010

Good job FDA

First of all, I am really happy that the FDA is trying to post nutritional info on the front of a package of food. Hopefully this will at least get some people's attention instead of just grabbing things off the shelf. More importantly though, I am so glad they are looking to actually post servings according to what people actually eat. I hate when you see that something is 100 calories, but then see that its actually like 2 nuts out of the entire package you can have. Doing this may also scare some people into really thinking about what they eat. Now if only they could post all the ingredients too, we would be all set! Words like "whole grain" or "natural" grace just about everything these days, but if you check out the ingredients, they are usually the minority in a list of unhealthy ingredients. Check out the story here:

Secondly, I hit a new low today - 154.6! Thats a .8 loss since last week (well actually 2 weeks since I maintained last week). The weight loss has slowed down a tad, however Im glad its still moving along. Its been years since Ive weighed this and it feels great. I have also noticed that my pants are a lot bigger, and I am fitting in some jeans that were pretty tight the past year to the point that I rarely wore them. So that means Im losing some inches as well. FINALLY - thats all I have to say. Ive been waiting for this for a while, and I am so glad its happening. My wedding dress will be here in March too, so hopefully I will be around 150 which would be a 10 pound loss, and I could definitely maintain that until October when the wedding is happening.

Should be a relaxing weekend which is just what I need. We layed off 4 people yesterday at work so it was stressful, and the past month just about every weekend has been filled with things for the wedding. Thankfully last weekend was the last of the cake tasting since we chose our bakery for our wedding cake and it will be delicious! So this weekend should be almost spot on. There is valentines day and I will be going out to dinner, but Im sure I will do just fine.

Happy Valentines day!


Lady Vea said...

That is a really good point, TRUTH IN ADVERTISING!!!

Bravo on the loss lady, you will be so beautiful in October and I am just inspired that you are almost (less than 5lbs away) from your goal!

Keep up the good work and I hope your job gets less stressful.

mary @ designer of me said...

Wow!! You are doing so great!!
New to your blog and loving it! :D