Friday, February 5, 2010

More Cake

Happy to report that my weight is still the same - 155.2. Sure, a loss would be nice, but I was a little concerned after some of the food I had last weekend, and I do not feel well today (very bloated) so I thought for sure I would see a higher number.

Today was rough though. We had a superbowl party at work, so there was chili, dips, cheese and crackers, pigs in a blanket, cookies, get the picture. Come party time (which was also lunch time), I went into the kitchen to get my lunch and felt really tempted. I actually took my lunch and went back to my desk to eat it, then went and joined the other people in the room the party was in. That helped because I could concentrate on what I really wanted to eat, vs being tempted and eating something that wouldnt benefit me nutritionally, as well as the fact that by the time I went back to the room, I was full and had no desire to eat anything that was there. I think it was also smart to do as well since I always seem to get comments when I do choose to eat my healthy lunch vs the food they have and today I just didnt want to deal with it. But I feel good that I made the right choice, and I know the scale would not have said 155 had I eaten half of what I wanted to there.

Friday night out went fine - my plan to eat before hand helped, and I only had a few bites of some of the foods that were at the party. Unfortunately I did have a few too many beers, but it was a fun time out and I cant say that I regretted it.

Cake tasting went well last week, and I only had 3 small squares about the size of a square on a checkerboard of each type of cake. I had a small forkful of the frosting, and then a small forkful of the chocolate ganache filling. So it was definitely not hard to get an idea of what the cake tasted like without over doing it.

The xmas party we went to had a TON of food. It was at an italian restaurant that serves family style only, and I had no idea what we would be served. The appetizers were calamari, bruschetta, and salad. The salad was delicious, so I ate a lot of that knowing that if the entrees were not healthy, at least I was able to fill myself up. The entrees were chicken parmesean and pesto salmon. Both were breaded, so I knew right away that I made the right decision to fill up on salad. There was also some spaghetti on the side as well as some spinach filled shells, so I had some spagetti and half of a shell. I was actually full with just that. Dessert came out and it was tiramisu and cheesecake. I had a bite of the cheesecake but that was it. I didnt have much to drink either, just a glass of sangria. All in all, I think I did really well. So many people were complaining about how full they were, and it was nice that I enjoyed myself but didnt come away from it stuffed. My finace's bosses were telling people to eat more because there was so much food and while I felt bad that I probably was not eating my share, Id rather feel guilty for that than having eaten too much.

Well as the title of this post indicates, tomorrow I have another cake tasting so I am excited for that. Between that and the superbowl, this will likely be another weekend full of food. I have a superbowl party to go to on Sunday, but at least I know there should be some healthy food there. The host is a friend of mine from college, and he used to be very overweight as a child. He lost a lot of weight and works out and eats really healthy now, so he knows what its like to go to a party and worry about healthy foods. Thats actually a really nice feeling. But after last weekend, it really reinforces that you can go out, enjoy yourself, and not have to worry about the scale as long as you can do it in moderation.

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