Friday, January 29, 2010

A new low

Hooray! I hit a new low today - 155.2. I have not weighed 155 since college. I am really really happy right now, and a bit shocked to be honest. I was sure with TOM that I would show a gain, but instead I get a 1.8 pound loss.

I feel great, and its not just because the scale is reflecting my hard work. I just feel great with how everything is working out. I am eating some new foods, eating more often, working out 5 days a week, and Ive been noticing some changes in my body from working out so much. Someone at work the other day asked if I was losing weight again, so obviously others were noticing something I wasnt yet. I thought maybe my jeans were getting looser because they were getting stretched out, but the reality is, I am changing and its been so long that I just assumed it was something else.

This is going to be one of those weekends though where its going to be tough to stay on track. Tonight I am going to a coworkers house who is having a small couples get together, and everyone is bringing a snack. I of course am bringing something healthy, but I will likely be the only one. I am going to eat a small dinner before I go so that I dont eat snacks all night, but I know I will have some and a few drinks, and its hard to accept that after my weigh in. But at the same time, I cant always be afraid to enjoy myself either. I am just torn back and forth. Then tomorrow is a cake tasting where, I will be in fact tasting cake. Of course it is necessary to eat because I dont want my wedding cake to taste bad and its not like I am eating giant slices of cake, but then to make matters worse, it is my fiance's office xmas party tomorrow at an italian place so again, more food that is likely to not be healthy and of course, alcohol. I know I always make the best choices I can and this time is no different. That isnt what is hard. Whats hard is that I dotn want to move two steps forward torwards the weight I want, to just move backwards again because I had a weekend where I was in situations where I was not eating the best food for me or what I would want to eat. Thats life I guess right?


MB said...

Congrats on reaching a new low. I know how frustrated you've been and how hard it is to work out and eat right and not see what we want to see on the scale.

Have fun this weekend and enjoy the company and the food and then get right back to your routine.

Yes, that is life - enjoy it!

Cammy said...

Yaay for new lows!

Life will be full of weekends like this and YOU are more than capable of handling it! Enjoy...

Holly L. said...

Congratulations!! You have worked so hard for this and you totally deserve it.