Friday, January 15, 2010

Weight and Thoughts

Weight today is 157.4. That is up .4 from last week. Im not going to lie, I am disapointed that I didnt lose anything this week. Im not going to get all upset over .4, but even still I thought I was on to something with this whole calorie tracking thing. Im happy that Im still 157 since I was like 159 for 2 months, but its frustrating that I seem to be doing everything I should be doing, and Im not losing weight. If its a simple calculation of calories in and calories out, and I am indeed burning more calories than I am taking in, why is the weight not reflecting that? Those are just my thoughts on that. I only got 4 days of exercise in which is still good, but I wish I hadnt had to miss my workout yesterday.

I have had a lot of other thoughts and questions this week about society in general. Such as, how did we get to this point that eating unhealthy is the "norm"? Why do we feel we need to eat large quantities of food to be full and satisfied? Why do we think we need processed and fast foods? All week long I have been in situations where I have felt almost like me choosing to eat healthy is somehow strange. A few examples.

Yesterday was the office xmas party that took place at a bowling alley. It was free drinks and the dinner provided was pizza, pasta, and breadsticks. Thankfully there was also a salad. I knew that I wasnt going to stay for the bowling portion of the evening, so I planned on eating a late snack in the afternoon, having some salad, and eating dinner at my house. Its not that I dont think a treat of controlled portions of pizza or salad is wrong, its just not a choice I wanted to make. Prior to the party which started after work, I went to the store with another coworker and friend to kill some time. When we got to the party, more than one person came up to us and asked if we had gone out to "get Heather something to eat" as if I was some special person that needed to do that. It bothered me that I had been a topic of conversation, and that so many people were discussing my eating habits. When it was food time, I got the salad I had planned and then had to endure so many questions of why I was eating only salad, why wasnt I having pizza, why wasnt I having breadsticks? Should it be the othre way around? Shouldnt there be more people asking, how can you put that pizza or pasta in your stomach? How can you eat a meal that contains almost nothing of nutritional value or gives you any fuel? Yet somehow I am the strange one. There were people eating so much and then commenting to me that I was eating so little. I was actually really satisfied with the salad and knew that I would be fine until I got home and ate the healthy dinner I had planned. Why does mass quantities of food mean that you are satisfied? Why can say whether or not a person is satisfied or not by what they are eating?

I was in the grocery store today after work and was waiting in line to check out. There was one of those older people in front of me that likes to talk, and he was talking to the woman in front of him and not me (thankfully). I overheard their conversation which consisted of him telling her about how he likes these TV dinners. He had put about 20 on the belt, I think it were those Celeste dinners. He was asking her if she liked them and she said that no, she didnt because they were loaded with sodium. The man was so shocked by this and was disagreeing with her. She said, look at the back of the box and he did. He read the amount out and still didnt see anything wrong with it. The woman said, that is more sodium than a person needs in a day, and you are eating it in one meal. They agreed to disagree, but I was really shocked to think that someone really has no idea or really cares about what they are putting in their body. Dont get me wrong, I have bought my share of Lean Cuisines or Kashi frozen meals from time to time, but I at least understand that they contain a lot of sodium so I dont eat them often and am aware I need to drink more water. To make that your dinner every night and not even look at what you are actually eating and what it means really dumbfounds me. Again, how have we gotten like this as a society?

I realize this isnt everyone and there are a lot of people out there who eat healthy. I just hate how I am made to feel like eating healthy is wrong, or that it is not the "norm". That there must be something wrong with me, that I have strange eating habits, or that I have an eating disorder. In all reality, it doesnt really matter. I do what I need to do and will reap the benefits of it healthwise. Its just hard to constantly be put in situations where you feel like this or have to worry about healthy options available or being judged when it seems like it should be the other way around. I would never dare to tell someone what they should or should not eat, or tell them when or how to be satisfied or full. Why do I have to get stares in a room as people realize I am the only one not eating pizza and pasta?


Cammy said...

I was so fortunate to work with folks who were all somewhat health conscious. They wanted snacky-stuff, but in smaller quantities than the healthy foods. It helped that I was almost always in charge of menus for special events. :)

MB said...

Anytime I refused to eat cake or ice cream or whatever they were serving at an office function I would get stares of disbelief and people trying to push the food on me. It's hard to stay strong and eat healthy when so many people want to drag you down the road to fatness. Maybe there will be more healthy people at your next job but in the meantime keep showing them what healthy eating looks like. Maybe one day they'll catch on after their first heart attack. said...

All good questions, Heather. I wonder if it's a bit of guilt? People perhaps feel guilty with their choices and know they could make healthier choices but choose not to. When with someone like you, who makes healthy choices, they are confronted with their own weaknesses. (Not that eating pizza or pasta is bad - it's just that it's maybe not the best choice. Or, not a good WEEKLY choice.) I know, occasionally I'll opt for a dessert or pizza but I'm pretty picky about what it is and I wouldn't waste my calories on a luke-warm buffet-type pizza - - I want a fire roasted one with fresh veg!

Keep up the good work. It might feel like you're standing still but each week you maintain you are closer to making this a life-long way of living.

Tony the Pink Panda said...

I totally understand Heather. People can be such douchebags when you you are out at some social event and not eating whatever they are eating.

I think a lot of people just like to pick on the "odd man" out, especially when it comes to food because it makes them feel better about their own choices.

Crystal said...

My office is half healthy eaters and other half love the junk food so one side is always bashing the other side...but at least there's plenty of good food choices!!

I say screw them for their snotty comments and be proud of yourself for wanting to eat healthy and be good to your body.