Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year

It is 2010! Happy New Year to everyone out there. Hopefully everyone has gotten the new year off to a great start. For some, this is just the beginning and I hope that if you are just starting out, you contine your healthy changes throughout the entire year. For others, we are just continuing our journey, and it does feel good that we already have plans in place and arent just jumping on the bandwagon because we ate too much over xmas and now feel pressured because of all the ads to do something.

I have started off the year well - Im down to 157 which I have not weighed since August. How is that for a good start huh!? I am pretty pleased with myself. Since my "experiment" where I tracked what I was eating in spark people, I made adjustments so that I was eating in the recommended range for calories, protein, fat, and carbs. I wasnt doing too bad before, but many days I was eating too few or too many calories, and I definitely did not get enough protein. This past week I have really focused on making sure I was getting enough of everything, and while I still need to work on those carbs (yes for some reason I have a hard time eating enough carbs), I guess my changes have been positive as I have finally seen some movement on the scale. I have also kept up with 5 workouts per week, alternating both of my Jillian workouts (trouble zones and metabolism boost). I feel pretty great actually. I know things will get crazy with work soon enough, but in the meantime, I am enjoying what Im doing and glad that I am finally seeing results. I feel optimistic and hopeful again that I might actually get to the goal I want this year (150), and least hopefully by the wedding. Last year I spent way too long in the rut I was in, just getting angry that I wasnt going anywhere. I wish i would have made an effort to get to the cause then, but sometimes life just gets in the way and all you can do is stick with what you know and at least it helps you maintain. 2010 is all about changes for me in just about every way, and Im glad I have started the year of just where I want to be at.

Yes we are drunk and wearing silly hats :)


Holly L. said...

Hi Heather! Happy new year and congratulations on all your accomplishments. You look beautiful!

Doug said...

welcome back, looks fun :)

have a good start to the year

Tony the Pink Panda said...

I look forward to hearing about your progress this year, Heather. Happy New Year! :)

Cammy said...

You're off to a great start!

Sometimes we just need an opportunity to be still and evaluate what we're doing. Unfortunately, finding that quiet time is sometimes difficult, given that life is going on around us. I'm so very happy you found some time to reassess and adjust!

Wei Sic Meow said...

Happy new year and well done on your great start to the year. Starting as you mean to go on!! I look forward to congratulating you on reaching your goals this year.

MB said...


Congrats on starting the year off right. I have faith you will reach your goal this year.

You look adorable in the goofy hat picture.

Stephanie said...

That's a great start to the new year! Best of luck on reaching your goals in 2010.
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Scale Junkie said...

The picture of the two of you is awesome!

I'm so glad you've found what works for you. I know when I track my food, I each a much more well rounded diet. In fact, I'm back at tracking my food again starting last week. Onward!

Susie said...

Gosh you're gorgeous! So, when is the wedding anyway? Sorry, I should know this, but you know how I drift in and outta here.. Glad you have started the year off well! Keep Sparkling Heather!!! Maybe, if I can stick with it, we can be spark friend and I can send you goodies! :o)
Thanks for the wii info. Maybe, if I am a good girl, I will treat myself to the EA game, for now, I'll just play some Wii sports. Tennis gets my heart beatin real fast. Happy New Year!