Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still up there

Was hoping for a better weigh in today, but the weights still up there. Fortuntately it is down 1.4 from Monday, but still above 160. The good news is I definitely wasnt imagining my swelling. Monday night my legs continued to swell and they are still about 3X larger than usual. I definitely got some bug bites that were not mosquito bites, so clearly I was having a reaction. The swelling from my sunburn on my arms and shoulders went down so at least that probably accounted for that pound I lost. Tuesday I could barely get a tanktop over my shoulders because they were so huge that the shirt wouldnt stretch across them. It definitely messes with your mind because suddenly it felt like I was 226 again and that is NOT a good feeling. Now I just wish the swelling in my legs would go down. Not to be vain, but I was planning on wearing my swimsuit this weekend and now Im too embarrassed by the giant size of my legs and feet. I definitely have "cankles" going on right now.

On another topic, did anyone watch "More to Love"? I actually thought it was quite rediculous. Sure, its great to see some people who are not a smaller size on tv, but at the same time, I felt that many of them used their weight as a reason why they couldnt find love and that this show was their only hope. Now Im not saying its easy to find someone that loves you as you are, but I dont think that problem has anything to do with size. It may make it harder for some, but there are people out there who I think would love someone as they are and not care. I know I used to wonder if my fiance would have dated me if he met me when I was 226 rather than 135 as I was when we met, but what I do know is that when I was 226, he didnt leave me, didnt ever make me feel fat, and always made me feel beautiful. So it is possible and I just think this show places too much emphasis on how theres no one out there who wants to be with someone who is overweight. I think this show is just fluff, and would be more interesting and effective in getting a point across if there were both plus size and smaller sized girls, as well as men who were plus size and men who were not. Now that would be much more interesting!


metro15 said...

I watched it and I agree. The things that drove me nuts were 1) they had the weight of everyone listed next to their name. And 2) 90% of the women were acting as if this were their ONE shot at love, which is blatantly ridiculous. If that were the case, there would be way fewer weddings around the world every day as only the thin would be marrying. Newsflash: People of all sizes can and do find their special someone.

Oh and the other thing that irritated me was the implication that big people must data big people.

healthy ashley said...

I love your commentary on More to Love!

Sorry about the frustrating swelling. I hate when our bodies act so out of line!!