Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from the wild

I am back, and it definitely was wild. Friday we had to endure two huge storms with strong winds and lightning - one with hail, Saturday it was an air mattress that deflated leaving me feeling every single bump in the bed of the truck and not sleeping, raccoons swarming our site and opening our cooler, gross bugs, lots of bug bites, and a sunburn. All in all it was a fun time, but this was one of the more rough camping trips Ive had to endure. The lake itself was beautiful and I was disapointed that the beaches were flooded since we couldnt swim. We did a "nature walk" as they called it and that was a lot of fun and we saw some box turtles and deer along the way.

Now before I tell you my weight, I have to say that I did really well this weekend. I ate my fruit and stuck to the meals we brought. I did have two smores on Saturday night and an ear of fresh corn from the local famrers, but I kept my alcohol intake pretty limited, and I was pretty active what with all the walking around the trails. So I am sure you can imagine how shocked I am to get on the scale today and see 162.4. I wanted to cry. I havent been this high least a year. I really dont get it. I do feel really swollen today from the bites and the sunburn on my arms and legs, but it just doesnt seem right that I gained like 4 pounds this weekend. I know the smores and corn werent the best things, but Ive had worse and not gained 4 pounds. It sucks - I feel like Im just going in the wrong direction and feel almost helpless. I know that I should just take a few days and wait and see if it comes down a lot once some of my swelling has gone down, but its a hard thing to see and live with. Now I am more concerned than ever to go away camping this weekend because I hate to see what the scale says next weekend. Just when it was starting to finally move down, this happens and it just makes me question everything Im doing. Im just trying to look past this, focus on the great time I had, and not let this get me down. It just sucks when you try hard to do whats right, allow yourself a few treats, and then you see something so disasterous that makes you regret it all.


MB said...

Don't you just love camping? Bugs, dirt and good times.

I know what you mean about regret. I was just writing about eater's remorse. It sounds like you made good decisions and had a good time and that's what really matters. I'm sure the scale will be back down after a few days of routine.

Keep the faith.

Cammy said...

I'm glad you had a good time on your trip, even if the sleeping was rough.

Trust yourself and remain honest with what you're doing and the weight will come off. If it doesn't, maybe a week or two of food logging?

Tony said...

yeah, definitely sucks to come back from a trip and be up more pounds than you want it to be. Just gotta be patient; it will come back down again.

Rapunzel said...

This is why I skipped the scale after my own weekend camping trip. No matter how much exercise I got, or how careful I was, I still took a peek at my home scale and saw a gain. Not willing to face it like you did, I simply went to the meeting last night and did not weigh in.

HOpefully both of us will be down again next week!


Lady Vea said...

Heather!! Don't worry, it most likely is due to the edema from the sunburn. Hang in there. A few weeks back I had been at the same weight for a long time (212.5 lbs) then over night I went up to 217! The next day I was at 214, and finally back the third day to the same old 212.5 lbs. Hang in there. ;-) You had a really similar start weight, goal weight and are the same age and similar body type as me it seems (hence one of my greatest motivators!) and I just hate to see you feeling so down. It will get better, nature is just really, really unfair at times.