Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pretty Much the Same

I am down .4 from Monday, so that is a good sign, but still up overall. I have a suspicion at this point that it is TOM which is just around the bend. I plan on just keeping up with what Im doing, and hope that when it comes and goes, I will be back down to 157 again.

So the sleep thing will have to stay on hold since I found out this week that I will be training some people in our India office. This is great news because I really want to get into Training and Development, as it was the most interesting part of the program I took in grad school. This is a good opportunity and will look good on a resume. The downside is that I have to get up at 430 am. So now I am going to bed by 930 just to get my usual 6.5, so I definitely will not be trying the 7.5 hour sleep thing any time soon since that would mean a bed time of 830. It will take some getting used to though, as it is wierd to finish up working at like 4 when everyone is still hard at work in the office. I was driving home today and it is still light out. The good news is this means more time to work out, so plan on using that to my advantage. All I can say is, I hope the 5 weeks of this goes by fast because I have a feeling the 430 wakup time will definitely take its toll on me in the coming weeks.


Beach Bound said...

I haven't seen 4:30 (except for Vegas, and several all nighters) in a lonnggg time. Have fun with that.

Have fun training!

Cammy said...

I get up at 4 or 4:30 regularly...without any provocation. :) It's not a problem, because I've been known to fall asleep at 8:00. My body clock has always been that way.

hang in there, and enjoy the experience for the opportunities it brings!

Angie said...

I try and try to get to bed by 11 so I can have 8 hrs of sleep, but I just can't do it. There's always something to be done :(