Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Update

Happily reporting that I am back down to the 157. 157.6 to be precise. That is a 1.4 loss, so Im guess the steak has finally moved on its way!

157 lately seems to be my happy number, which is good in some ways but not so good in other ways. Its good because for a while, it seemed that I was stuck between 158-159. The not so good is that I havent been lower than 157 since Nov. At this rate, Ill lose the next 7 pounds in a few years! I really am not sure why things settled like this on the scale. Im doing so many good things, and feeling great. Im treating my body the way it should be treated, and I know that Im adding years to my life. On the Wii Fit I bought my initial fitness level from 32 down to 28, which is only 1 year older than my current age. My back problems have diminished the last month which I attribute to my increased activity level.

So Im feeling good, and its a bummer the scale doesnt quite reflect that all, but since I have moved beyond what the scale thinks, I am really looking forward to next weekend when I wil take my measurements to see if I have lost any inches. Im hoping so. I cant say I notice a huge difference in how my clothes look, but anything I will have lost will be much celebrated. I think I can handle a slow scale with the inches coming off. If the inches are not coming off and the scales not moving - I dont know what Ill do. I dont want to try and think about it, but Im nervous that thats what Ill see next week, and then feel hopeless. The focus on exercise has been great and I just hope its paid off.


Lee said...

Yaay! That's almost two pounds. Keep going, sister!

Tony said...

It's great that you have been able to move beyond the number on the scale. I certainly have trouble doing this at times.

Wei Sic Meow said...

Good news on the loss. I think you kind of hit it on the head though, around 157 is your "happy place" as far as the scale goes, and that might be ok. It's good you've moved beyond purely looking at the numbers.

It will be interesting to see what the tape measure says soon. Also, it's hard to see it in yourself sometimes but with exercise stuff lifts and tightens and all of that helps but isn't measurable, so try to think about that too when you measure. Look at your upper arms and check out the muscle and the tightness there, in your calves, firmer midriff, thighs, the fact that there might be slightly less if any muffin top, etc. You might be really pleasantly surprised.

Good luck!!

Cammy said...

Good for you for the positive outlook!

I'm not sure I ever blogged about my tape measure experience for my first check-in after I started exercising. My calves were BIGGER! LOL Only 1/4", but it was offputting to say the least. Even at the end, after losing 53 inches overall, my shoulders are 1/2" bigger than when I started. Anatomy. Go figure.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Lyn said...

Just try and focus on how much better you feel now than at 207!! I bet you will see inches lost, though. Sometimes, our bodies do just settle in for awhile. You still have done great :)