Monday, September 22, 2008

About time!

*sigh of relief* I am back down to 157.6, which is a new low! TOM is long gone, the steak is long gone, and now I can get a weighin that I am actually happy with. I was nervous too because my boyfriend's parents took us out to dinner on Saturday as well, but we went to a restaurant that only serves grilled food, so I had some delicious grilled chicken and veggies, and I can see the scale was not affected.

Its kind of sad that I feel a lot better now that I am finally down again. I dont want the scale to control the way I feel, but I cant help that I feel better now that Im not stuck at the same weight for weeks and weeks. It just feels nice that for once, my hard work IS paying off.

Got a nice compliment from the president of my company today..said he heard I was doing really well on the huge project I have, gave me a "high five" (tacky, yes), and said thanks for doing a great job. So that made me happy that my hard work is obviously being recognized. Now I just need a big fat raise and we are good to go... :)


Ceres said...

Yaaaaaaay! Doesn't that feel awesome? I'm very happy for you, you're kicking butt :-) And you should ask for that raise once the project is over!

Sassle said...

Congrats on the new low. You're right its too bad our weight controls our feelings. But it's progress you're recognizing it which is a good thing. Congrats too on the nice compliment that your boss gave you, I'm pretty sure you deserved it!

new*me said...

great job and ask for a raise! The worst that can happen is a "no."

Poonie said...

Yay! Glad things are finally looking up for you. You totally deserve it.