Friday, August 22, 2008

New low!

uhhh yeah I think Wednesday was definitely a fluke since I am down a pound from then. Hit a new low today, 158.2! I was 158.4 back on July 18th (yes I am a freak that can look back at my weighins from that long ago), but havent hit that since then. Very glad that I am past that. The further I can get away from 160, the better.

I have been going through a period lately where I am craving everything in sight. I went through this a month or so ago, and I know I got through it and can do the same now. But here are the things I want: pizza, ice cream, and doritos. Not very good huh? Today at work someone opened up a new bag of doritos, and the smell was heavenly. This definitely brought back some memories of me going to the store after work and buying Salsa Verde doritos (my favorite kind), and sitting and eating the entire bag. At one point I tried to buy a bag and just eat a small handful. Well one handful turned into another and then another, and I figured, hey I might as well just finish it. And then Id sit there and feel sorry for myself because I did that. So needless to say, Doritos are one food that I cannot have in moderation and control myself. But that smell it made it hard when I went grocery shopping after work to avoid that aisle. YOU know what aisle Im talking about, yes the chip and candy aisle. I never go down that aisle. Boy did I want to, but I know that its not worth it. I know the feelings I have when I binge on them, and binge I will do. I may indulge in another craving by making my own pizza, or having some frozen yogurt instead. Hopefully these cravings will pass soon!


Kate said...

Congrats on your new low!

I must be a freak too, because I have weigh ins going back a year.

I'm also having a problem with craving everything in sight. For me I think it's some sort of subconscious self-sabotage. The closer I get to that 300 line the more I feel hungry. Today I hit a new low myself ... and feel like I'm STARVING... and ate snacks :( I'll be glad when I'm on the good side of the 300 mark and gunning for 200!

Please please please do not type the word "Doritos" again until I hit that ;)

new*me said...

See, you were all stressed for nothing on Wed! I like the new pic :)

spunkysuzi said...

Wow you are a strong woman to resist the doritos ;)

Susie said...

Ya big LOSER! Just just keep going down down down! YAY! Such a pretty new pic of you. Ya know..I never liked doritos''I hate dorito breath and the mess they'd leave on my fingers...but I am still, and always am, impressed by your strength and willpower. Go H!

Poonie said...

Congratulations on hitting a new low, that's awesome!

I know what you mean about the cravings. I always want ice cream this time of year and sometimes our bodies just like to play these games with us with cravings. I have certain foods I know I can't touch too, because I know I can't stop at one (or one serving). You are doing really great at resisting.

You go girl!

MizFit said...

I have to giggle how PERSONAL the food thing is.

doritoes? have ALWAYS made me gag.
especially the smell.

pizza? thats another story---


Laura N said...

Wow, great weigh in! And if you're a freak, I'm a super freak =). Hell, I put my weight on my blog daily. Plus, I track it in my excel spreadsheet. I think it helps A LOT to know where you've been, so you can celebrate the new lows, and also to keep any gains (if they happen) in check.

Love the new profile pic. You are so darn cute.

Tori said...

Wow, your at a new low, time to celebrate!

You really are a wonderful example to us of faithfulness. Thanks!!

sybil said...

Heather, you are doing so well.

I'm dealing with cravings today also - not hungry - just craving the act of eating. I told my sisters that I was not going to eat until lunch so now I have to follow through on it! I'm also trying to distract myself by blog reading.

I suppose cravings are normal - maybe it's just that 'normal' people can ignore them but for us, they become overwhelming at times? I'm not sure. I just know that if I give in, I have a hard time stopping.

Lyn said...

Oh I hate it when I smell or see a food and start flipping out over it. I get so obsessed... it's like I can't stop thinking about it. I was reading another blog )Once Upon a Diet) where she called these thoughts "bad mental habits" and talked about changing our thinking. Great idea, huh? I am working on it.

Congrats on the weigh in, you are doing fabulous!!

*ccc* said...


You have so so much to be proud of!

Ceres said...

Congrats on your new low :-) Cravings are the worst, but most of the time they don't last long, and if they do, it's probably best to give into them in moderation, instead of letting an enormous desire for crappy food build up...