Monday, August 25, 2008

Definitely worth it

While I am up .2 today, I dont think that is bad at all. On Saturday I indulged in my craving for ice cream and it was heavenly! Even if it resulted in my .2 gain, which is like nothing, it was everything that I had hoped for. I ate well the rest of the weekend and felt good about the choice that I made. I know that because I satisfied this craving, I will be less likely to want to eat things that do not satisfy it, and that now I can focus on eating healthy foods.

Go figure though, that tomorrow we are having an ice cream social at work. I have yet to decide if I will be partaking. I know they are going to have some low fat frozen yogurt there, since some people are lactose intolerant, and one guy is training for a marathon. So we will see. After getting the craving out of my system, I dont really care if I have some or not, but sometimes I do tire of being the odd person out. This isnt an event where there is something else I could eat where I wouldnt stand out so much. If I do have some, I will probably just count it as a starch for the day and at least it will be factored in. I just wish I would have known about this sooner so I could have just waited until then to satisfy my craving.


spunkysuzi said...

I so want to get to that point where once i've had it i don't crave it anymore!!
You are doing great.

*ccc* said...


Lady, you'll get rid of that with a run to the lady's room ;)

The new site--and new PIC--look great. Congrats on all those goals you've met!

MizFit said...


and also hear you on the ODD PERSON OUT notion.
& when I was working to lose weight would often end up planning in treats like that simply to BE with people and not stick out------when it was stuff I loved anyway :)


Felicia said...

I firmly believe there are no *no no* foods. As why should I give food that kind of power. Enjoy the ice cream. As for the gain, for that little it could be as simple as a water weight shift. If you want to have ice cream at the social why not have it? Just dont eat it all. Make your goal to have a few bites and toss the rest.


ptg said...

I agree with .ccc


Lainie said...

Umm, everything I was going to say has already been said by Felicia! Also, love your new pic--so cute and happy.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Up .2 is nothing. Totally irrelevant. And I know you'll have the discipline to make a sound choice that allows you to socialize, enjoy, but not overdo. You're in the groove!

The P

Crystal said...

It sounds like you enjoyed your ice cream and that's what matters. We all need a little sugar in our lives!

Ceres said...

Yum! For me, ice cream is a real weakness, I feel like I have a separate stomach for it, a stomach which never fills up! The social at work is just Murphy's law :-) OF course it had to happen just after you've had ice cream on your own! Ugh!