Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Midweek weigh in

Disapointed in todays weighin..up .6 to 159.2. Not really sure why I am up, so I guess I will chalk this one up to natural fluctuation and just be done with it. Hopefully by Friday I will be down again for the week. I wont stress too much about it..will just keep doing what Im doing!


HollyALP said...

I totally know how you feel Heather! I'm up 0.8 and feeling happy that I even showed up at my weight watcher meeting. :) Good Luck!

Lola said...


i am very proud of you everytime i come by.

have you considered spending a couple of months maintaing your weight loss?

don't get me wrong... i am just wondering!!! i lost something around 10 pounds and i am trying to maintain it for an year before i lose the last 10.


new*me said...

I think you beat yourself up too much over a pound. When I get to far away, but I WILL get there.....I think I will pick a 7 lb range and stay in there. Maybe an idea? I know you are still trying to lose a little but don't stress so much!

Ceres said...

Well, this comment is slightly outdated since I'm catching up on my reading just now, but you've got the right attitude by not stressing about little ups now and then :-) 0.6 lb is absolutely normal, I've written before that my normal fluctuation range is much-much bigger :-)