Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Week 34

Well how am I doing this week for the HYC? Not too shabby. I am down 2.2 from where I was last week which is pretty great. Considering I have been doing this weight loss thing for over a year and can stil drop 2 pounds is pretty amazing.

In regards to exercise, I was able to get in 4 days this week. Today I really did not feel like exercising but I made myself. I know my body needs it, and I have to fight the laziness, tiredness, and stress that I feel that makes me want to skip it. Things at work are so crazy lately and every day I tell myself I am going to leave at a decent time and go home and exercise. Unfortunately I never seem to leave at a normal time and end up wanting to go home and eat dinner and go to bed. Not a very fun life huh?!

So I have stopped writing down everything that I eat. I still plan my meals, but Im really focusing on what I know. And what I know is that it is important to eat a balanced meal. And I do. Its important to have those nutritious snacks. And so I do. I know what I need to do and need to eat, and Im happy to report that it really is becoming 2nd nature. I know it goes against advice to always write down everything you eat. And I agree..in the beginning it is essential. But I also feel for long term, you really need to have a 2nd nature about what goes in your mouth and whats important for you to eat. Im glad that after all this time, I feel ready to do this and that I truly can LIVE this and that it has become a part of me, not just a diet habit.


Twix said...

You ROCK!! Way to go you! Great on the loss and the exercise!

I agree eventually it should become second nature to us. :D

Trisaratops said...

Fantastic! I am totally not succeeding right now - and it is killing me. I agree completely about the second nature - I've stopped journaling because I plan so well now. I think I need to bump up the exercise big time! Congrats on another great loss!

Susie said...

Hi Heather- Thanks for the support and sweet comment..yea, we'll get through this. At least we are all healthy. You continue to impress and amaze me with you drive and will to live healthy. I need a little more of that..well A LOT more! Have a great day!

Ceres said...

It all sounds great for you :-) It's really important to be able to maintain a healthy weight after dropping many pounds without actually writing down everything you eat; I hope I get there one day!

Cyndi said...

Great job on the weight loss! I only journal on days that I feel more hungry just to keep me on track and thinking more. As far as what to eat and how much, I've got that pretty much down. When I hit a plateau, I will journal my food just so I can look for places to make adjustments.

Keep it up, you are almost at your goal!

new*me said...

that is exciting when you just *know* you are going to live a healthy life no matter what. Congrats on the 2 lbs...the pears must have worked ;)