Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Week 35

I know every week I say this, but I just cannot believe how time flies. It always seems like I was just checking in for the HYC and here it is again.

Down .2 from last week, which is pretty good, and I got in 4 days of exercise. So I am keeping myself up to my standards for exercise which is good since I was pretty lax about it the past month. Thursdays are shaping up to be a good day to exercise since I am able to work from home so I dont have to spend so much time in the car, and now I can use that time for exercise.

So today was the ice cream social, and I did have some ice cream. Or rather, frozen yogurt. But that is where labels can be deceiving. You see, I thought that frozen yogurt would be better than ice cream. And I am sure it is to some extent. But about an hour after I had some, my stomach hurt really bad. I checked out the nutritional info on the stuff and the ingredients were: skim milk, cream, corn syrup, and whey (which is about the only good thing in the mix). Ok does that sound good to you? Because it did not to me, and that is completely why my stomach was killing me. So my body is paying me back, and I can say that it was NOT worth it. And honestly, I wasnt even really dying for the stuff. After having my treat over the weekend, I did get it out of my system and it didnt seem to taste that great either. Blech...no more ice cream for a while.


Lynn said...

Bleh, yeah, I don't much like frozen yogurt myself. It's often just as much calories as ice cream and doesn't taste nearly as good.

For me, if I'm going to have the treat, I just have it. Never eating a treat doesn't really help, either. Just makes it harder to stick to your eating plan in the long run.

You're doing great, keep up the good work!

MizFit said...


Id have TOTALLY had some as well and am now thinking that our bods MAY know whats best for us huh? :)

go figure.

Scale Junkie said...

HFCS gives me stomach pains now too. I'm a slave to label reading because unfortunately I find it everywhere. It was in "healthy" bread that I was going to buy because it was on sale. I'm better off paying full price for the stuff I know is good for me.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! THose stomach pains can be the worst!! =(

Did you at least have a nice time at the social?

BTW- congrats on your loss! Woo Hoo!! =)

Ceres said...

Frozen yogurt is misleading, I'd rather have a smaller amount of real ice cream than settle for something less fattening but less tasty (and possibly worse for you in other ways).
Finding time to exercise seems like a real challenge for many people. I'm in grad school so making time for it is easy, but I wonder how I'll make it once (if) I get a regular job that requires a 10-hour workday... God job on planning around it!!