Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well apparently I was right to not get my hopes up because my weight is also up..163. That is .8 up.

I guess even though TOM is over and I ate the ice cream 3 days ago, the scale still isnt cooperating. I was really hoping with all my heart that the scale was being a pain in the ass because of TOM. Apparently that was too much to wish for.

Im disapointed as well because I know I wont make my goal by my birthday. That would mean I would have to lose a pound a week, and at the rate Im going at, that will not happen. There is a part of me that is hoping that ice cream is still sticking around and causing the scale to be up, but I have a sinking feeling that isnt the truth.

Part of me is just angry at this point. Angry that people can drop 3 pounds like that. Angry that they can overeat and still lose. Jealous is probably more like it. I know, I was one of those people. I could have a huge loss or could go out to dinner and show a loss on the scale the next day. Im really just angry at my self, because I know what I am capable of and its just not happening.


Crystal said...

I think you're scale is rebelling against you. I know my three have been lately.

Hope the next weigh in is better.

Tori said...

I'm sure it'll start coming off again soon. Maybe you should change things up a bit, what your eating and all, maybe that would help.
Either way you are doing great!

Poonie said...

Hey hon, sorry the scale is not cooperating with you right now. I've been there, I know how you feel, it's disappointing and frustrating when you work really hard and don't see results. Is there anything you can do to shake things up a bit. If there is something in your routine or diet that you can do a little differently sometimes that kicks your body into breaking a plateau. For example, do you eat a lot of the same foods all the time?

I don't have many comforting words because I know how pissed off you must be feeling and little will help. The only thing I can say is, usually when you plateau for this long once your body starts to lose again it should be surely and steadily, and it will, it's just a matter of time.

You are doing great. Chin up!

Ceres said...

Hi Heather,
I have been reading your blog for some time now, and although I've never posted a comment, I am amazed at how far you've come. These past weeks must have been tough for you. I know first-hand how frustrating it is to not see a loss at the scale, day after day after day, and how hard it is to keep feeling positive when you see unexpected gains... Please stick to what you've been doing and don't get too disappointed, it happens to all of us. Your body is adjusting, perhaps you gained some muscle with the increased exercise, who knows? There's no way that ice-cream made you gain 0.8 lb, and there's no way you won't lose the weight as long as you eat fewer calories than your body needs for its daily needs. Keep your mind off the stupid number on the scale, you are doing great!
When I don't see a loss and I get disappointed, I sometimes try on old clothes that are now too big, or clothes that didn't fit in the past. This reminds me that I'm still winning :-)
Keep up the great work!

Scale Junkie said...

I wish I had the answers, my body fights for every ounce and I have LOTS Of them to spare. You are on the right course but unfortunately its just going to take time. Hang in there!

40 by 40 said...

Hi Heather! When is your birthday? Look at the difference in you from your last birthday to this one!!! Did you say you got a new haircut? Let's see some pics!!!
Have a great are doing great!

sybil said...

You KNOW I'm with you feeling your pain and frustration, Heather. And, I totally know what you mean about being a bit (a lot?) jealous of the people that seem to be losing quickly and with ease.

I've started doing an affirmation (My body easily and effortlessly releases excess fat). Not sure if it's helping physically, but it sure is helping me emotionally!

I'm making little changes each week to try to mix things up a bit but basically I'm just trusting that my body is doing its job....that job is just not showing up on the scale right now.