Friday, May 30, 2008


Well I am happy to report I am down .6. At least it is something. However I cant be too satisfied as I am still up .2 from where I was last week, and last week I had TOM. Ironic that I never thought I would actually weigh less during TOM.

Thanks for all the kind suggestions to mix things up. Right now I am incorporating some foods that Cammy suggested help kick those last few pounds. Primarily I am focusing on adding more pears and almonds. Worth a try at least! I also have continued to try new meals every week. I have a gotten a lot of suggestions to mix things up which I should say I have done fairly reguarly for almost the entire time I have been on this journy. One goal was to always try new meals and keep myself interested in food. While I am sure it has helped to get me this far, I cant say that new meals really are making much of a difference right now.

I guess I am going to have to try and kick up the exercise more as well. Now that it is summer and doesnt get dark for a while and theres nothing on TV, I have no excuse. I know I will get to my goal, its just a frustrating slow moving process. For so long I was used to seeing that scale go down, almost like a reward for all my hard work. Now its hard to see that. The scale doesnt go down, I am not dropping sizes, Im not recieving any more compliments. Its hard to see that what I have accomplished so far is real and still important.


Manuela said...

Yay, you're like me though--slow and steady.

I have to mix things up more in the food department too. I've been a bit better but could try some new things (still working at getting fish into my diet, blecch!)

Crystal said...

You're will get to your goal, it's just a slow process. It's so much more frustrating when you are so close, too. I wish you lots of luck. Sounds like you are trying to do what it takes to reach your goal. You rock!

ashley said...

Congratulations and good luck! You are doing so great.. you'll whip these last pounds right off you!

Carleen said...

you've done super... just keep positive and enjoy the journey...
the evening exercise is a nice boost..
Take Care