Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Much..

Well finally! I am down something. Its not much, but its something. I weighed in .4 less than Friday and this is my new low so at least Im going in the right direction. I guess its a good sign and hopefully I can continue to see some losses this week.

Today at lunch one of the older consultants came by where I was eating and said that she was "proud" of me for sticking to my healthy eating habits. She said that all of us (meaning all those eating at the table with me) eat so healthy and that she could learn a thing or two from us. It is kind of interesting that all of us are younger (younger than her anyways), and all eat pretty healthy. Another coworker C always eats healthy lunches, and L doesnt eat anything processed like me. Its kind of nice to see, that in a lunch room full of chips and m&ms, some of us can actually choose to be healthy and continue to eat this way for life hopefully.

In other news, I tried on a few bathing suits on Saturday and EEK! Definitely not ready for that. Apparently losing 45 pounds doesnt necessarily mean that I look good in a bathing suit. It was definitely scary, thats all I have to say about that.


ashley said...

HELLO! You are totally in the right direction! A loss is good! Be proud.

You are so impressive. Your habits and your mindset are encouraging. You deserved that compliment!

Cammy said...

Yep, we take them where we can get them! :) I'm so happy the scale moved in your favor!

It does help when co-workers are focused on the same things you are. One of my teammates completed a triathlon yesterday and another ran her first 1/2 marathon last month. We're all competing against each other in a "cross-country race". (We have a map and pushpins and everything. LOL) It's a great environment to learn to be fit myself!

Wishing you another great week!!!

MB said...

Congrats on reaching a new low!

Grumpy Chair said...

Yay on a moving down scale!

When I worked, I ate out every day with all my the sales co-workers. (I was overweight back then too).

The ladies who brown bagged it and ate in the lunch room were all healthy BMI weights.

I weigh 15 pounds more than I did last summer, but still need to get a swim suit because I enjoy the pool in the summer and most of the women at our neighborhood pool are overweight and look more like me than a Sports Illustrated bikini model. But it still is scary and ranks up there as a form of modern day torture.

Holly said...

Woohoo on going down today! I hope that the losing momentum stays with you this week :)

Scale Junkie said...

Congrats on the loss and that you've found healthy work friends instead of the ones who want to order pizza and chinese food every day.

I completely understand your swimsuit anxiety but you look better than you think you do. Don't let how you think you look stop you from enjoying this summer, life is going on and fun things are happening regardless of how you look in a swimsuit.

Crystal said...

That's great, a loss is a loss no matter what the number, just so long as it's going down. Good for you!

I know the feeling about the bikini shopping. Living in florida, you could wear one year round and sometimes I do when I'm at home but I'm not ready for public view yet. You'll get there!

Hanlie said...

Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves... I think you're doing great!

Kathy said...

Set a good example...good for you!