Friday, May 16, 2008


Ok seriously...I am up .2. NOT happy at all. What is going on here?

I know I have been here before, said the same things as I will probably type again. But I am getting so frustrated. I was happy on Wed to be down and now Im up. Sure its not much and could be many things: TOM, the clothes Im wearing, what I ate last night, the water I had, the later lunch I had.

Thats not really the point. The point is, Im tired of sitting here at this spot and not losing anything. Up down up down is all I see from the scale. Yes I know its not all about the scale. Ive made it this far, I know that. Perhaps I am becoming a little bit obsessed with the scale.

I stand by what I said though. Wait until TOM is over, see if I lose a few pounds after that. If not, time for something. Not sure yet, but something will need to be done. I know I can lose more than this, I know it.


Cammy said...

Maybe this will help:

It won't hurt. :)

betsy said...

I know you'll lose after TOM!

Sending you good thoughts -


Lyn said...

Hang in there!! It has to come off. I bet after TOM you will drop a couple.

Scale Junkie said...

Its TOM's fault completely, that .2 will be gone and it will take a few friends with it. You're getting there, you've come so far, I know you know all of this already, I just wanted you to know that I'm still here and I'm still cheering you on!

MB said...

I feel your pain. Maybe you need to mix things up a bit with your food and workouts. Hang in there, the last few pounds are the hardest.

Lora said...

Have you tried the calorie cycling that Scale Junkie wrote about a few weeks ago? It helped her break a plateau - it would probably help you too. I think your body is just tryng to hold the weight it is now.

Fun and my diet said...

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Trisaratops said...

Arrrgh! But you know, .2 is like 2 ounces, one quarter of a cup - it's nothing, really. :)

You have every right to be frustrated, I would be dying to hit that number too. You'll get there, I swear!

Laura N said...

Fellow scale whore here. I know how you feel. And it sucks.

Hang in there! It. will. go. down. again.!