Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Blech..weighed in .6 up. NOT the direction I would like to be going in. I know though, that I have done everything right the past few days so Im hoping its just a normal fluctuation. I will admit I am disapointed though.

Today was not a fun day. It was another long 11 hour day, so combine that with mono and TOM and you can just shoot me now! Another person at my company quit and I got stuck with one of her projects for a well known hardware company that is due on Monday, and she did nothing for, and screwed up some of the reports. Not at all what I wanted to deal with today.

Well Im hanging in there with the mono and everything else. Just hoping I will be down on Friday.


40 by 40 said...

Great attitude..glad you are not getting down about the UP. You are doing great and recovering from mono!!! Just take care of yourself!

Laura N said...

Holy carp that's a lot of stuff to deal with! Good thing you're young, healthy, and beautiful and can totally handle it all. =)

Don't fret about the scale. You're going to have some stabilization now that you're so close to goal. Plus, with all your body's going through, I'd say .6 is as good as a maintain.

Hang in there!

Crystal said...

Chalk it up to a crappy day and try to put it past you. It's good that you have a positive attitude about everything that is going on.

Feel better!

HappyBlogChick said...

I know your pain, but 0.6 ... that's nothing to worry about. I fluctuate that much from hour to hour, I swear! It'll be gone next time you step on the scale.

Sorry you are having a rough time at work on top of the not feeling well. Ugh. Stay strong - it'll all get better soon.

ashley said...

.6 is really barely anything. You'll be back to going down in not time flat!

And you ARE dealing with a lot of stuff. For me, that causes lots of fluctuations. I hope everything gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

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