Monday, February 18, 2008


Yes, I am up since last Wed, but fortunately, not by much... .6. Could be worse. I did eat more than I usually do this past weekend, and I went out for dinner last night with my parents and ate more than I should have. I am disapointed that the scale seems to be going up rather than down. I am so close to the 160s and I just cannot seem to get there.

TOM is around the corner and this is the week I usually bloat quite a bit so I am sure that doesnt help. I also was having stomach issues again yesterday. I have been thinking a lot about this lactose intolerance issue that many of you brought up after I said I was really bloated and gassy after the meal I made last week. I researched it and it is quite possible. Especially since I felt these types of symptoms after some heavier cheesy meals on Friday night and last night. However, I also think that I may have IBS actually. Some of those symptoms hit a lot closer to home, and the thing is, I can handle dairy when in moderation or when its not the main part of a meal. So normally I process it just fine and I would think if I was intolerant, that would not be the case. I am going to research both a bit more and if necessary, go to the doctor.

Well heres to sticking to plan this next week and hopefully making it down to at least 170 by Friday.


Katy said...

Hey0.6 is NOT BAD for eating out of your comfort zone; watch and it will melt off this next week!

Grumpy Chair said...

You will get to the 160s.

0.6 gain after eating out isn't a bad gain.

Scale Junkie said...

You mentioned going out to dinner and restaurants always cook with more sodium than I typically use at home, that could be contributing to your .6 too.

Holly said...

0.6 is not bad at all! I almost dread family get togethers because I know eating will be that much harder. Here's to breaking the 170 barrier!

40 by 40 said...

You WILL be there by Friday!! In the spirit of being healthy , might as well investigate these issues. Many of the lactose intolerant people I know take a "lactaid" before/with dairy..maybe try that? If it persists..couldn't hurt to see a DR. I hope you feel good. Drink lots of water...maybe that will flush you out. :) Stay warm.

Bev said...

Yes it could have been worse! You could have had my gain hehe. ; )

We can do this and I'm doing exercise everyday starting Tuesday through Monday (minus Sunday)!

I was lactose intolerant in 2002, but since haven't had any issues with it.

Hope you have a great Tuesday! Thanks for all the support you leave on my blog, it really does help me! =0

Hanlie said...

I'm sure it's all due to TOM and restaurant food! You'll be fine next week!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

A half-pound fluctuation could just be salt from eating out. Seriously.

I know you'll get there. But remember, the closer you are to your goal, the harder it gets. You're smaller, so you don't require as much food. I mean, dang, look how far you've gone! :)

The Princess

B said...

Oh, .6 is nothing at all! It will be gone before you know it!

As far as your family goes, they will eventually understand that you are doing this a healthy way. My stepmom was on my back for MONTHS when I would avoid creamy dishes at dinner and stuff like that. Eventually, she stopped talking about how I was starving myself and started making me more salad.

As harsh as it may sound to say this about family, they are probably jealous of the willpower you are exhibiting that they don't have - just keep doing what you're doing.

HappyBlogChick said...

I hate it when the scale doesn't play nice. If you think it's bloat, water might help some. (You may be good about your water intake ... I start to slack sometimes, personally.)

Good luck in your quest for medical info. Good for you for taking care of yourself.

Lidian said...

I'm thinking about what I might be reacting to foodwise as well - I felt so bloated today too, and didn't eat excessivey yesterday so it is probably what I am eating, not how much...That is a teeny gain BTW, could just be water.