Monday, February 25, 2008


Sorry to be debbie downer here, but I am really struggling.

Week 30 now and I weighed in .6 more than I did on Friday. I ate healthy and I exercised 3 times! So why the gain?!?!

Now dont get me wrong, I am thrilled with myself for pushing some exercise in to my routine. Generally its much easier on the weekends because my schedule isnt so crazy. Today I left work slightly early because we have a winter storm and I wanted to beat some of it, so I was able to get some yoga in this evening.

And yet...a gain. Yes, I realize its not a big gain and could totally be TOM which is days away. However, I dont feel bloated. I feel fine. I just dont get it. I have been sitting here at 171 for weeks now and Im getting frustrated!! I want to see the 160s..I want to see 40 pounds lost..I want to see my goal!

Yes I know Im complaining and I know that I cant expect this whole weight loss thing to be a piece of cake. But Im working hard and now Im not seeing the benefits so much. ARGH!


Scale Junkie said...

Its just one of those things that happens. Your body and body weight are going to piss you off from time to time. You are always so good about watching your food but have you checked your calories lately? Are you eating enough? They say if you eat too few calories you can stop losing weight just as easily as eating too many will make you gain. You will see that 40 pounds lost, I just know you will. Hang in there! (and write that letter to your body anyhow, you may be surprised at what an eye opener it can be!)

40 by 40 said...

Wish I could give you the answer why..all I can think is that you are so close to goal that those last few lbs are stubborn?? It's so great that you did the yoga!!!and did more exercise!
It's probably a TOM thing.
Take care! Stay positive..look how far you have come.

Cammy said...

Dear Debbie :),
I feel your pain. All of us do, and yet we all know there are no magic words that will erase the mind games the stoopid scale plays. I hope you find the peace that comes from knowing that you ARE healthier for doing the right things with your diet and exercise.

Fwiw, I only lost 10 lbs my first six weeks. But I lost 20 inches. Enough to drop a pants size. Chances are that even though the scale did the nasty, your good choices show up in some other indicator.

Hang in there!

teenage girl said...

look at all the weight you have lost though!!
be proud of yourself for being healthy and not crash dieting.

you've lost a ton of weight so congrats!!!

remember - you can't gain all that weight back in one week :]

Grumpy Chair said...

I read somewhere on another blog that after exercising, your muscles retain water . . . so maybe that is the reason?

You have really done great and have lost almost 40 pounds, but I understand your frustration.

Chubby Chick said...

Hang in there. Womens' bodies just act crazy for no apparent reasons sometimes, and it totally sucks. The weight will come off. Keep up the good work, and the results WILL show up on the scale soon! :)

Bev said...

I have found in past experience over the years of making goal 3 times lol......that when you exercise, it can take a week for it to show up on your body. So keep eating good and you will see the benefits, either inches lost or weight lost, next week from this week's exercise. At least that is how my body works!

Also don't weigh in after a workout, I'm usually up after a workout because of the blood swelling, etc. There are articles about it in my personal training manual I could share.....just haven't read that thing in a while LOL. But hopefully after I make goal I will go back to working on my certification.

Have a good Tuesday! ; )

Tori said...

Wow, isn't that the question of the year, Why?
Just stick with it and next week you'll have a great WI.

Oh yea I found you through BEV.

Sybil said...

Hang in there Heather. You ARE doing so incredibly fabulously. And, from reading my blog, I know you know that I totally relate (thanks for the pep talk!).

You are so young and it is so wonderful that you are going to meet your fitness and health goals as a young person.

Scream, hollar, pitch a fit, have a rant.....but keep on doing what you are doing. It IS working.

Hanlie said...

Heather, your body is just adjusting to the exercise. It's all good! The scale will start moving soon, don't worry!

Jan B said...

I had been going down too and now I am about 2-3 days away from my period and I am up too. It's so frustrating, but it's natural, so don't get too upset. I know it's hard to see those numbers though. Keep up with the water.

B said...

Don't fret!! You're probably building muscle, hence the gain! It will go down again and you will have toned muscles to replace flab! (Even if you're not lifting weights - cardio will give you muscles in your legs too!)

You will be in the 150's before you know it!!

Kate said...

I've stopped being overly concerned over the day to day fluctuations and now just focus on the trends. Those little gains can drive you bonkers if you let them! I end up trying to rationalize them but haven't found anything that makes sense. I just keep doing what I'm doing and know that in the long run I'll see the difference.

Laura N said...

This is when it's the toughest. This is when you find out what you're made of. This is when you stick to your plan and have faith that the plan will work. The scale is a tricky bitch, and she often doesn't play fair.

YOU have to decide that it's worth it to keep going. That you are NOT going to quit or say F-It because of a gain, even when you're doing the right things.

Keep doing the right things, and it will pay off. Remember that stress can be a huge player in weight loss. Your body doesn't like to let go of weight when you're under stress. So part of what's going on with you might be your schedule at work. BUT STAY WITH IT. It will get better. You will bust through the plateau. Sometimes maintaining is as good as a loss (and really, a .6 gain is more like a maintain than a gain--it's a measly 9.6 ounces).

It's okay to be down and feel frustrated. But pick yourself up and don't let your frustration push you to quit your good habits.

Hang in there. This is only temporary. Soon you'll be rocking that weight loss again and will be doing a happy dance of the 160s.

Poonie said...

I totally feel your pain, it can be incredibly frustrating when you've worked hard and it feels like it's all for nothing. But you can't let it beat you, just do what you're doing and wait it out. You'll break the plateau in the end. Our bodies just like to mess with us once in a while!

I hope you see some movement in the right direction soon. Hang in there!

Trisaratops said...

I hate it when it feels that I'm doing all the right things and not seeing the results I want. Keep at it, my dear! It will happen, and it is awesome that you got your exercise in.