Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looking Great in 2008 Week 23

Well I am down .6 from Monday, but still not very low. However, for the Tales from the Scales Challenge, I am down .4 from where I was last week. Also kind of disapointing.

Now dont get me wrong. I love a loss, no matter how small. And I wrote all about my wonderful NSVs for the Healthy You Challenge yesterday. However, I am starting to fear a plateau is emerging. My weight loss has definitely slowed in comparison to what it was after xmas. People always say the last 10 pounds is the hardest to lose. At the rate I was going, I thought, that must not be the case for me. Now I am eating those words!

There is only one thing I can think of that may be contributing to my slow loss this week. I weighed in on Monday after eating this new recipe that I tried (healthy of course). I remember feeling kind of bloated and gassy (sorry for the TMI) that night, but when I was up on Monday I attributed that to my cheese affair on Friday night. However, last night (also a night before a weigh in), I had left overs of this same dish, and felt the same way. I had major gas, and felt extremely bloated. I am not sure what would be in this dish (that consists of chicken, fat free ricotta cheese, part skim low moisture mozzerella cheese, and no salt added diced tomatoes) that would cause me to feel that way. But I am wondering if now it is more than just a coincidence, and if this has had an affect on my weight loss. I am in fact listening to my body and it makes me wonder is all.

I will not be weighing in until Monday. I will also be having kind of a challenging rest of the week and weekend. Tomorrow will be my valentines day dinner with my boyfriend. While I have already planned out my meal and plan to eat healthy, the rest of the weekend will be spent with my parents in town. I know that will involve a lot of my grandmas unhealthy cooking, and eating out a lot. So I am nervous about that as well. I am going to do my best. I hope I am not disapointed in myself come Monday. I also wish I could have finished the week off with a weight loss that was more than where I was at last Friday (171). I guess I will never know, since after work I will be going to my grandmas where my parents are staying, and I wont be able to weigh myself as I usually do. Sure, I could do it another time, but I am pretty strict to sticking to my schedule so the weighin is as accurate as possible.

Also, in regards to the hot a week I only had it once. And I dont really think that was what was slowing my weight loss down. not that I plan on jumping back on the hot chocolate bandwagon every night, however I think I can allow it more often that I was because I dont think that was a contributing factor.


Katy said...

I hate weighing in gassy! I had to switch my weigh-in day/time b/c of it! The dish you were eating had a lot of cheese? Dairy products are sometimes hard for the body to digest and can cause gas.

Mama Bear June said...

You are awesome, celebrate the little losses and move on. It won't take you long to lose that last 10lbs even at less than a pound a week. :-) Keep making healthy choices!
Path to Health

40 by 40 said...

Good luck this week..enjoy your valentine's Day meal..should be nice! If you feel like you ate a little too much here or there..just know that you don't ALWAYS do this and it will not hurt that much. You really are so OP all the time. Or if you splurge a bit, just try to be a little more active..walk in the mall, park further away, take the stairs instead of elevator..etc. You have come so far and are really CLOSE!! WOO HOO! Happy VD! <3 (that is a heart 4 u).

Bev said...

Hang in there! I'm actually having the same kind of "issues". My body really reacted terrible to a hamburger I ate on Tuesday night and being red meat, it is still inside me digesting and I'm still feeling so YUCK. For some reason it is just a food that doesn't react with me right.

It could be the tomatoes and the acidity of them? That is all I can figure out of the foods you listed.

Hope you have a great Thursday and Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

fertilehealthy said...

I'd say it was the dairy...

Well done on the loss and have a great Valentine's dinner and time with your parents.

Kathy said...

I agree with Katy that you may be having a problem with the dairy products...lactose intolerance???

HappyBlogChick said...

I was going to say lactose intolerance, too.

The loss does slow down, but it doensn't go away. Just keep on going and it'll be gone.

Scale Junkie said...

Too much dairy can cause gas, chicken is known to cause gas, it could have been either or both.

Congrats on fitting into the size 14's!! I know you listed your wrongs and rights but you have so many more rights than wrongs, you should be proud, the scale is moving in the right direction.

Enjoy Valentine's Day dinner with your boyfriend and enjoy your visit with your Grandma and parents. Just do your best.

Grumpy Chair said...

Like everyone, I weighing in with Lactose intolerant.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Lora said...

Dairy will do it! As for gramma's cooking - just eat smaller portions. Hard to do when it tastes so good. But those are the new habits we need to ingrain into ourselves, right?

Once Upon A Dieter said...

If you ever have that chicken parmigiana type dish again, take a Lactaid or enzyme formula for digestion with a lactose enzyme, and see if that does it.

Otherwise, maybe the cheese had gone a bit bad? Or the chicken? hard to say, but does sound like a lactose issue.

I know that sugar-free stuff does this to me (gas, bloating, a bit runny in the number two), so I cut a lot of them totally out of my eating plans. hate that feeling.

Hope you manage okay with the meals and have a nice one pound or more loss.

But, really, a half pound is still progress....anything not UP is progress. :D

The Princess

Poonie said...

Hey! Congratulations on going in the right direction. With regards to the bloating and the gas, do you think it could be a little lactose intolerance? Since you had some cheese before, and then the dish you mentioned had some cheese in it. A lot of people develop a sensitivity to dairy and if you have eaten more than usual in a short amount of time it may have an affect.

Carleen said...

hope you had a good valentines day... slow is better then not at all-- so don't get discouraged!!!

have a good weekedn

Linda said...

Popping by to say "Hi" I have been rather busy for a few days.
I will get back later.

Hugs to you xx