Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Looking Great in 2008 Week 22

Just weighed in at 171.8! After a lousy day, that loss is just what I needed. It also confirms that I was probably up on Monday due to the beef I ate on Sunday. So since last Wed, that makes for a loss of 1.8! I am pretty pleased. I am getting so close to the 160s and I can barely wait.

Today was stressful at work again because I worked from home (because we just got 14 inches of snow AGAIN), and of course everything with this project was going wrong again. The client was demading all these things and I had to deliver them. To make matters worse, there was a 3 hour company meeting, so I couldnt take care of anything until it was over. It was driving me crazy because it was hard to just sit there and not think about what I needed to do.

Accomplishments for the week would include exercising (which I planned to do again tonight, but I would say digging my car out was probably good enough for today), not overeating at the Super bowl party, and not stress eating or turning to food for emotional comfort.

For next week I just want to try to continue working out at least once. I also am going to try to cut down on my hot chocolate intake. While hot chocolate is allowed on my plan, I have been having it EVERY night. Not only because its delicious, but it warms me up and puts me in a sleepy mood for bed. However, my weight loss has slowed down a bit and I think this may be the culprit. So today marks the first day where I am not going to have it. Even though I want it after I went out in the freezing snow. Oh well, I will survive.


Mama Bear June said...

Wow, hot chocolate would totally wake me up if I drank it before bed. I had decaf green tea last night before bed and it warmed me up pretty good. But I have been having weird chills when I go to bed and I'm not sure why.

CONGRATS on the loss from last week. Digging out of snow is DEFINITELY a workout! We didn't get even close to 14 inches, but it's been blowing so there are deeper drifts in places. Finally got my deck shoveled off so I plan to enjoy the hot tub tonight.

Hope your work stuff gets straightened out. Praying for you.
Path to Health

40 by 40 said...

Wow--how bout this snow?!? Don't hate me but I do like it. I actually love it. I don't have to drive in it though...but I like the shoveling and it's sooooooo pretty. Heather, you are a superstar. You are so close to goal and have such healthy habits! 22 for you. I haven't stuck to anything that was good for me for that long. Keep being active. Even if it's not traditional exercise, you are still moving! I will miss you in the 70's..but will join you one day in the 60's!!ps- is it sugar free or fat free hot chocolate? How about tea? :)

Scale Junkie said...

Cleaning snow definitely burns some calories!

I hope the rest of your work week goes smoothly!

Barbara H. said...

Great work on your weight loss!

My husband hates meetings -- he feels like they are the biggest waste of time.

Thinking Thin said...

Great work on the weight loss, as always. You have been doing great. Someone else mentioned low cal hot chocolate, tried that?

jb said...

Argh, I do not envy you on the snow shoveling. I am so glad I don't have a car to deal with come winter. We are pretty much the same weight! I wish I was tall like you, though (5'9? lucky!!), in which case I wouldn't have too much more to lose. Anyway, congratulations on the loss- you're doing really well!

Scale Junkie said...

I just wanted to pop over here and say how funny the Cox sucking survey was and coincidently, I once worked for Cox Media and sux about sums up my experience there

Bev said...

Woohoo on the weight loss!

Hanlie said...

Well done on another fabulous loss! You are so well on your way!

Herbal tea will warm you up and get you nice and sleepy!