Thursday, February 7, 2008

Different sides to people

So most of my regular readers have heard me mention my boyfriend's beautiful supervisor (G). I have mentioned how fabulous she looks and how G is always flirty with all the guys and I always felt like a big fat pig when I would go to any work event for my boyfriend that G was attending. I also wrote how I felt good at his christmas party because I knew I looked good and that my weight loss was probably noticeable, despite her never saying a word to me.

well today at work I get an email from her. Definitely unexpected. Her email said that she was amazed at the weight I had lost and asked my boyfriend what I was doing. He told her I did LA Weight Loss until it closed. Well it turns out...she does it too! Kind of amazing especially since she looks fantastic. She told me that she ADMIRES me because she has only lost 10 pounds and cannot stick to it. She said that I am giving her some determination to keep going. She proceeded to email me all day asking me questions about things I have found to work, like I was some diet guru. Imagine, this beautiful (thin) girl by the way asking me for advice! I would never have expected this, but in a way it makes her more human and I kind of feel like I some how have the upper hand in this. I was always intimidated by her and it turns out she actually thinks I am pretty awesome because of what I have accomplished. Its funny too because she asked me for advice and I really had to think hard about what I would say. I mean, yes there is the obvious: stick to plan, drink water, work out. However, really when you think about it, all there is to changing your life is just to find something that works and then to work at it no matter what. This definitely has never been easy for me. Every day there are challenges and struggles I go through to stay on track, but I choose health over the chinese buffet that my work had for lunch today. She mentioned to me that she likes to go out and drink and I just said, I understand, but that I have given up that to be thin and healthy. Its just a matter of priorities and what you are ready for. There is nothing magical about what I am doing..its just hard work and making the right choices no matter what.

So it was an interesting day becasue of that. We will see where all of this goes and what happens next time we are in a room together.

In other news, I will not be weighing in tomorrow because I will be hosting a jewelry party with my best friend. I am excited and while I dont like not sticking to my weigh in schedule, if some of you out there can go a month without the scale, I think I can go 5 days. Hopefully on Monday I will see 170 or maybe..maybe..169? That would be AWESOME. I am kind of nervous about the food that will be at this party. My friend is a chef so she makes some amazing dishes that are not so amazing in calories. I just will have to envision that 169 number and hopefully make good choices or at least eat them in moderation.

And yes, today was day 2 of no hot chocolate. and to answer everyone's comments..yes it is sugar free hot chocolate.


Scale Junkie said...

WOW, isn't that amazing about G? Funny how sometimes when we think people are ignoring us they just don't know what to say to us. Your advice to her is so right on track, its advice I personally need to take to heart, I have to want this more than I want _____. Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone.

I'm so sorry that the company that has been giving you grief is THAT company but now it all seems so clear. They are a bunch of miserable people, so I'm not surprised they got like that with you.

40 by 40 said...

Great job choosing not to indulge in the Chinese Buffet...willpower woman!
You will do great at the jewelry party..just focus on the people, etc..and that you are on the border of a new decade!!! Woo interesting about G. Weird , huh?

MB said...

You are making great progress. I'm not surprised that G is looking to you for advice. You are determined and have your priorities straight. I, on the other hand, met a friend for drinks and nachos. UGGHH! I didn't go crazy but it is definitely not on the plan. Hope you have a great weekend and you get to the 160's on Monday.

Bev said...

Well, I could understand her asking your advice, you have lost weight and have been successful at that and you know how to do it! I have people thinner than me ask me the same questions as well, they may only have a few pounds to lose but losing weight is a chore in itself!

WTG on the no hot chocolate btw.

Hanlie said...

I think most people are pretty nice, but maybe just shy.

Thin people don't necessarily feel better about themselves than fat people do. And if you're not feeling good about yourself when you're carrying extra weight, you may be disappointed to find that you're not feeling all that great about yourself when you've lost the weight.

I think it's great that she reached out a hand. Maybe your new-found confidence has made you more approachable?

Anonymous said...

Good for you for sticking to your plan. Yes, it is just hard sometimes. But so worth it. Take care of the problem now, while you're young and keep the weight off. You'll be glad you did.

Linda said...

It is awful when we feel intimidated by others.It angers me that we allow others to make us feel like that.

You are doing so well with your tracking, keep it going.
Enjoy the party!

Hugs x

jb said...

I completely agree with Hanlie about the newfound confidence idea. I used to think that people weren't social with me because I was fat, but then I gained some confidence and was amazed at the difference with which people treated me. You really have accomplished a lot, though, so it's no wonder that she is asking you for advice. Have a good weekend!

sybil said...

You are doing so well - congrats!

And isn't that amazing about G. It's always interesting to me when someone lets down their guard and is REAL...lets me see who they really are and are really thinking/feeling.

Cherry Dolphin said...

That is so cool that she was asking you for advice - I'd totally feel like I had the upper hand too! You are doing so good, keep it up!