Monday, February 11, 2008

Ick Part 2

Well I am up a pound since Friday and I fully attibute this to my "splurge" on Friday night. It sucks that I cant even have ONE evening where I overeat and eat healthy for 2 days afterwards, and not gain. And trust me, its not as if I have had many of these. Anyone reading me since August knows that I am not a person to have these "splurges" often.

Yes, I am grumpy and this seems worse than it really is. There is yet ANOTHER snow storm hitting us and I just sat in the car for a dangerous 2 hours. Seriously, how much more snow do we need here in Chicago? There were 2 storms last week, 2 the week before..its ENOUGH. and I am sick of all these drivers driving like its a race to get home and have to ride the back of my car.

Ok I feel a little better after venting about that. I know that I did a lot of things right after Friday. I exercised on Saturday, ate on plan on Saturday, ate on plan yesterday. I also ate on plan today despite these GIANT chocolate chip and blueberry muffins they had in the office today for this sexual harrassment meeting we had to sit through. And they looked delicious let me tell you.

I guess we will see where I am at on Wed. I am sick of going up up up when I want to go down down down. I am so close to my goal and it feels like a life time to get there.


Lidian said...

You were very strong to resist those muffins - I'm afraid I wouldn't have been...and we have got too much snow too. More tomorrow and nowhere to pile it on the lawn, ugh.

Scale Junkie said...

I'm the same way, I can't splurge without paying for it for days. Great job resisting the "harassment" those muffins were throwing your way!!

Stay safe in the snow storm!!

Cherry Dolphin said...

I'm so proud of you for refraining from the muffins - it would have taken an act of God for me to do so! I love muffins!

MB said...

You will be at your goal soon enough - don't let those daily 1-2 pound fluctuations get you down. Just keep doing what you are doing.

I love the snow but hate having to drive in it. We saw dozens of cars off the road this weekend.

Thanks for your comment. You are right - blogging allows us to vent and it is great to get so much support from everyone.

We'll all be cheering when you get to your goal and you won't miss those evil GIANT chocolate chip and blueberry muffins.

40 by 40 said...

I am grouchy too! It's even too cold for me and I am always too hot. Nice job resisting the muffins! Have a good one!

Bev said...

Are you exercising at all? Weight training in the past has really helped propell my weight loss and I'm going to add it back in this week and get back to lifting again along with cardio.

Keep at it and it will come off! ; )

Julia said...

I feel your pain! Good luck for this week, hang in there... youve come so far! Just focus on that goal... you are so close.

Lora said...

You need to eat 3500 calories to truly gain a pound. I doubt your splurge was that big. Sometimes overeating causes us to retain water - hence the gain. It'll be gone in no time. Thats' the problem with our "beloved" scales. They dictate our moods!

Hanlie said...

I'm sorry you're up! And I can understand your frustration! I think the scale is so unforgiving BECAUSE you're so close to goal.

Well done on resisting the muffins!