Friday, February 8, 2008


Why am I writing you ask? well because my jewelry party was cancelled! I was very disapointed, but I guess the demostrator had a family emergency. I am kind of upset because I had all of this food ready and sitting in my car all day and now I have it with me and I dont want it in my house. I am going over to my friend's later on and I will probably bring it over there and have them eat it.

So because I am home I weighed in as usual and am down .8 so I am at 171! only 11 pounds to go until my goal. VERY exciting.

I had another rough day today with the same project that has been causing me all these problems. The company this project is for is deciding whether or not to pull the project. Meaning, they will "fire" my client and us indirectly (if you remember, I said I work with consulting firms that work with the actual companies). That would mean we would be at a huge loss for the year, and all of this happened for basically nothing. I want to finish this project because I can at least attempt to save it and show them that we are capable of doing a good job. Now we may not get that change. The one positive thing from the day is that my supervisor spoke to me about this whole thing and assured me that I would not be losing my job over this. I appreciated that because obviously its been a fear. I also found out they increased my salary recently so that kind of makes things a little bit more bareable.

I am just glad I am making it through this and not using food to comfort me. I know I have said this before, but its times like these that I would have done exactly that...go home and just eat and eat. I am proud that I have not done that (with the exception of the half a cupcake I ate last week).

Here's hoping everyone has a good weekend!


Scale Junkie said...

I say this all the time but only because its true, you are a constant source of inspiration. What a great example of how to cope with stress and problems without turning to food.

1.1 to go and the 160's are YOURS!! Reason enough to pass up any food.

I'm glad to hear they said your job is safe, lets just hope the "Ccompany" gives you a chance to redeem yourself.

Bev said...

WOOHOO you are almost to the 160's!! Keep up the good work and have a good weekend. ; )

40 by 40 said...

Well, at least you didn't spend lots of $$$ on jewels tonight..that's one good thing..but you do deserve a reward treat yourself to something nice when the party does happen. Great to hear that your job is safe and you even are getting more $$. I hope the client sticks with you would be silly to scrap it at this point. Have a wonderful weekend and you travel to the 60's!!

Lora said...

How awesome that you are almost at your goal! Woohoo!!