Monday, January 14, 2008


I cannot believe I lost another 2 pounds since friday! I am almost in disbelief of my body right now. People always say when you get close to your goal, its harder and harder to reach it. However, I almost feel like I am flying to mine. 15 pounds left and I will be there! I hope this doesnt slow down!

My supervisor at work today (who is a guy) made a comment that bothered me. While he recognized that I had lose weight, he said "so are you trying to do this for a wedding or something?". The reason it bothered me is that I dont want to be classified as one of those people who diets for a special occaison, and then when that occaison is over, gains it all back. Or that Im just doing this for a silly reason such as that. now dont get me wrong, I think goals are great, such as, I want to lose X amount of pounds by my wedding. but to only want to lose weight for that reason and not health reasons as well, I dont agree with that nor do I want to be lumped into that category. I am losing weight to be healthy, to feel good about myself, etc. Not for a silly reason such as a wedding. And then gaining it all back. I am doing this for life. I hate that people automatically assume that someone who loses a lot of weight will gain it back. Yes, the people who have worked with me only know the "fat" Heather, not the skinny Heather that I was. I hate that being "fat" was my identity and now that I am losing that, people dont know what to think.

I know I shouldnt think too much about it or take it offensively. Perhaps he was just being inquiring. However, I think its important that people realize that I am doing this just by eating healthy and cutting out junk food. By eating in moderation and eating often. That is just how I am choosing to live my life. And is it wonderful I am losing weight as well and getting healthier as a side effect of how I am eating? Sure is. But I am not going to stop eating this way once I get to my goal weight or if I am having a bad day. I am going to eat this way forever.


Kathy said...

I think sometimes guys are at a loss as to what to say. They want to let you know they noticed but don't want you to take it the wrong way so they end up saying things that are just plain wrong. Just know in your own heart what you're about and time will prove it to everyone else. Congrats on the weight loss!

Teale said...

Similarly, it really bothers me that just because my wedding is in 2 months, people think I'm doing WW BECAUSE of that. While a lot of people do that, I'm not one of them. I also hate that now that it's the new year, people assume that you're on some kind of new year's bandwagon & just trying to get healthy b/c everyone is. Oh well, everyone will never understand us:)

Bev said...

Woohoo that is great!! =0

Grumpy Chair said...

I agree with Kathy, sometimes men just don't know how to compliment someone on weight loss.

Congratulations on another 2 pound loss.

Carleen said...

you rock...and they person at work will see you continuing your healthy new lifestyle and look and will know your not jsut a bandwagon jumper!!
enjoy the journey-don't let anyone get you down

40 by 40 said...

I agree about it being a male and maybe not knowing what to say. It can be awkward to tell people how good they look ONCE they have lost weight or ask if they did lose they might just fill the conversation with idle chit chat..questions... Whatever it is..WAHOOO..15 lbs to go, that's incredible! Um..and am I one of those losing it for a special occasion..yes and no. Yes,it's a concrete goal which I NEED..but I plan to be a healthier, more comfortable person at 41 and so on. Whatever's just great to have done it...and you have!

Hanlie said...

You know, most people don't handle change well. Some people probably find it more comfortable to think of you as "fat" Heather and it will take a while before they wrap their minds around the new Heather. That is their issue, not yours! I have seen it so often in my life, with various things.

You are doing great!!

Scale Junkie said...

First of all, congrats on another fabulous loss.

As to that man at work, sometimes people just have no social skills, they don't know what to say and when they open their mouths, stupid comes out.

I'm glad Teale already posted because she is a fabulous example of someone who is using her wedding as a goal but not the be all and end all of her commitment to healthy living.

Just know that you are doing fabulous and people are noticing!

ExpressingNotStuffing said...

I think in general people get really uncomfortable when people change!
Being that he's gay I am just going to assume that he just can't stand you being the hotter woman than he is! :) He might be jealous! Some people are just plain uncomfortable with change - Sometimes people don't like when people are succeeding because they aren't taking action with something that they need to take care of personally and it gives them a hard look at their own reality!
You are doing awesome!