Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I just wanted to write a quick edit in regards to my last entry. I think that some may have misunderstood me to write that goals are bad. In fact, I think goals are great. I think someone who wants to get healthier and sets a goal of losing weight by their wedding is fantastic. What I dont think is fantastic is then that person going back to their old habits after their wedding. Sure it happens, but Im not going to be one of the "fad" dieters who gets to their goal weight and then reverts back to their old eating habits. That is what I was referring to..not that goals of any sort are bad. I am sorry if people misundestand the difference.

I also wanted to write that my supervisor is gay. Not that it even matters and Im not being stereotypical..but he walks around all day making comments about hair, makeup, jewelry, peoples clothes. He doesnt really ever have a problem expressing himself when it comes to how people look. I think that is why I got upset by his comment...I appreciate others trying to tell me that he probably was having a hard time expressing himself and normally I would think that too. But considering his nature and personality, that is why it bothered me a bit more than it would coming from another guy because typically he has no problem expressing himself.


Hanlie said...

Hi Heather, people are just so caught up in the quick-fix mentality of our time, that it's become their frame of reference. The best thing you can do is prove him wrong by maintaining the weight loss and living healthy.

Thinking Thin said...

Have to agree with Hanlie. I also went and read the comment from your supervisor. Don't feel bad, I would have been bothered by it too.

40 by 40 said...

Oh Hon, I was in no way offended..really. If anything, I appreciate how supportive you have been!!!!
(Did I offend you?-Hope not-you are the best cheerleader! Ineed you around!)
Now, you go get your skinny clothes on, get to work with your lovely supervisor and have a great day... :)
if you ever need- email sasmrr@gmail.com

Chubby Chick said...

I think what's great about your weight loss is that you have looked at this as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. That will become apparent to your supervisor and everyone else as they observe your continued fitness as time goes by. :)

40 by 40 said...

oh also, thank you for the advice...I will keep that in my "tool box:. I did well. I didn't have t he apps or dessert ..just a glass of wine, 1/2 a roll and chicken kabob. Thanks for all the support!