Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What I Used to Eat

Well since Teale challenged everyone to post what they used to eat, I thought I would follow in the same suit.

While during the week I didnt eat too badly, my weekends were a nightmare (as is evident from this past weekend's eating habits).

During the week this is what I would typically have ("/" indicates an "or"):
Breakfast: Oatmeal/bagel with butter
Mid AM: 2 or 3 cups of coffee, maybe 2 packets of splenda in each, 2 creamers in each
Lunch: Typically cottage cheese/yogurt and a 100 calorie pack
Mid PM: usually grab a handful of m&ms or laffy taffys from the lunchroom.
Dinner: I used to make a lot of lean cuisines/stirfrys/frozen pizzas
Dessert: ice cream, usually cheese and crackers, sometimes popcorn, sometimes doritos (yes I usually had 3 or 4 "desserts").

I usually had 4-5 glasses of a water a day if that.

Appetizer: wings or mozzarella sticks, always hit up the bread basket as well
Dinner: fettucine alfredo/a huge sandwich, etc.
Dessert: a brownie dessert/Dairy Queen/Cold Stone
Drinks: have several margaritas/cosmos/wine/malibu and pineapples/champagne

Sometimes even less water

On observing these previous habits, let me point out several things: First, the lack of fruits/vegetables. Yes, those things did not have an appearance in my daily meals. Second, the lack of water. Since starting Pure Weight Loss, I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and I LOVE it. I dont know why I didnt do that before. I would have felt so much better. Third, I used to be HUNGRY. All the time. You can see what I ate for lunch, that does not help anyone! No wonder I used to go for m&ms in the afternoon. Lastly, I eat WAY more food now that I did before (except for the weekends) and I am losing weight. Goes to show that you really do have to eat more to lose weight. It just matters what foods you are eating. My metabolism had probably slowed down so much that I was in starvation mode. When I started this plan I could barely eat all of the food because I was full all the time.

I think one reason that a lot of those fruits and vegetables never made it in my diet was because when I was doing WW, I wanted to save my points for snacks and desserts. Those things tasted better. Now I realize how silly that is too. I dont miss that at all! I almost prefer to eat those things now. I dont know why I didnt before, I was really depriving my body of a lot. My hair and skin look so much better now (from the water as well), I have a lot more energy, and I dont have as much trouble in the bathroom (used to have a lot of stomach issues).

I am not knocking WW at all. I loved it, it was a great plan. But having a more balanced diet has helped me get in those fruits and vegetables because I am not limiting myself to points or calories. And I think my eating habits are a 1000 better as a result. You really can change your eating habits (with yes, a few slipups here and there) in a short time.


Teale said...

Good job for posting your old menus! In the past when I did WW, I was the same way as you were... I'd save points for junk, but never learned how to eat a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This time around, my whole mindset has improved and I'm making the choice to learn to eat the right way!

Janet said...

It's amazing to go back and see how things used to be! Thinking about how I used to eat (and unfortunatly still do sometimes), I wonder why I didn't explode! I'm having trouble logging in to my blog, but once I can I'll post my "before" food.

Keep up the good work!