Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Back on Track

Yes, I had a much better day today. I ate well yesterday, but I feel like 2 days of healthy clean eating was just what I needed to get over my horrible eating from the weekend. Hopefully when I weigh in tomorrow, those 2 pounds will be gone and then some.

This is what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast: egg whites (1 protein), oatmal (1 starch)
Mid AM: 2 cups coffee, 3 splendas, 2 creamers (2 condiments)
Lunch: 2 serv grapes (2 fruits), 2 serv carrots (2 vegetables), Sugar Free Jello (1 condiment)
Mid PM: Nothing because my LA Lites were all gone
Dinner: Tuna melt: 1 can tuna (1 protein), 1 slice cheese (1 dairy), 1 serv FF mayo (1 fat), 1/2 English muffin (1 starch), 1 serv broccoli (1 vegetable)
Evening: 1 fruit bar (1 fruit), LA Lites (got my lites in time for dinner)

I also had my 8 glasses of water.

Breakfast: Oatmeal (1 starch), 1 serv blueberries (1 fruit)
Mid AM: 1 LA Lite, 2 cups coffee, 3 splenda, 2 creamers (2 condiments)
Lunch: 1 slice whole wheat bread (1 starch), 1 serv lean turkey (1 protein), 1 slice cheese (1 dairy), 1 serv baby carrots (1 vegetable), 1 serv grapes (1 fruit)
Mid PM: 1 LA Lite
Dinner: 1 serv chicken with southwestern seasoning on it (1 protein), 2 serv broccoli (2 vegetables)
Evening: 1 fruit bar (1 fruit), 1 serv saltless peanuts (1 fat)

And of course the 8 glasses of water

So I have done well. Not that I normally eat bad during the week, but I have been really trying to stick to things that will not make me bloat or retain water. It is also that time of the month so I am sure that may affect the scale as well.

I am also putting this post under accomplishments. This is an accomplishment. I got over the "bad" eating and moved on. I realized I only have 1 post under accomplishments. I have accomplished a lot, I need to post more there!

Things with my life have settled down a bit as well. I can focus more now on what I need to do to get this weight off.

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