Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Jim, who got kicked off this week on Biggest Loser, looks fantastic! He looked like a completely diferent person. I wasnt a huge fan of his, but I am glad he was successful. It was nice to see how he was teaching his family how to eat, especially his children. He is a good role model for a father and definitely an inspiration to me as someone who lost 123 pounds!!! how insane is that!?!

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Teale said...

I definately agree that he looks amazing! It's not only inspiring to see people lose weight on the show, but to see what they're capable of outside the show!

I think that the team did what they had to do, strategy-wise, because the twins could totally have controlled the voting pretty soon, because they'd probably have stuck together & voted for the same person during eliminations. Too bad that it had to be the day before their bday though!