Friday, October 12, 2007


Yes, a plateau is what I have decided I am in. I went in today and GAINED .8. So in a week, I have gained .4. Still not out of the '94s. I cannot even tell you how frustrated I am. I go up, then down, up, down. And I really tried hard this week:

-I increased my water every day
-Didnt have any lean cuisines (these are not bad, but didnt want the extra sodium)
-Made a new salad, ate a few meals that I havent had in a while
-Tried arranging my food in different ways, like a heavier breakfast one day, a heavier lunch the next.

And instead, I GAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes I felt that was necessary!

I sat with 3 counselors today and we came up with a game plan. First, I am going to do what they call Take Off. This is eliminating everything from your diet for 2 days that is not a protein or a vegetable. Yes, it will be a little difficult, but its only 2 days. The point is that this will cleanse out the body a bit. You do something similar to this when you start the program because most likely people are eating crap beforehand and they need it out. So hopefully this will jump start my system again.

After that, I will replace 1 meal a day with a meal replacement shake (similar to a SlimFast shake). We will see if this does anything for me.

If these things do not help, I will start taking a supplement they offer. I dont want to get to this route, however at this point, I need a few plans of attack.

Another counselor was in and she laid out some different ways I should try eating foods as well so I will try this.

I feel like I have some tools to work with, that I dont feel helpless. Take Off will be hard. I will probably be on different blogs reading up,etc. to take my mind off of hunger. I know I will be hungry. But actually, sometimes, you need to remember hunger will not kill you. Some time away from food will not be the worst thing in the world. Before starting PWL, I dont think I would have done it, I would have been too scared to not have food.

So thanks for those that are being supportive and are sticking with me. I know I must be not fun to read sometimes because I am often frustrated lately, but this is what weight loss is: a struggle. Those of you who have it coming off steady, be thankful this is not you!

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Teale said...

How many times a week do you weigh in? It would be frustrating for me to see the up down up down, but that's how people's weight usually fluctuates through the week. I understand that overall for the week you still had a gain, but I'd be less stressed about it if I didn't see that fluctuation through the week. I hope that this 2-day thing gets you out of your plateau!