Monday, October 8, 2007

Looks are Deceiving

I met a new counselor today at my center. Her name was Danielle. At first I saw her and thought, oh no, not another pretty skinny counselor to have to show my food diary to, to have to get on the scale in front of.

Most of the counselors there are doing the plan themselves and are overweight or slightly heavy. I feel comfortable with them because they are like me....overweight and trying to lose that weight.

Danielle weighed me and was really understanding about the 2 pound gain. It wasnt until we got to her desk that I realized why she was so friendly and cool about the gain (when some of the skinny counselors are a little harder on you because they dont understand). She had some pictures. They were of her. Fat!

I couldnt believe it was the same girl. There she was, still very pretty, but very fat! She did the program and lost a ton of weight. It was so inspiring to sit there with her and hear how she has gone through a lot of things that I have gone through, that she was there and still she made it.

I think it goes to show as well that overweight people are judgemental too, just like skinny people. Or at least I am I guess. I assumed that she was just another skinny counselor who would have no idea what its like to be fat. But I was wrong..she had been fat but had changed her life and instead became an inspiration to me.

Meeting her was exactly what I needed today. After my gain and then seeing her "before" pictures, I realized how much I want to lose this weight and be amazing like her. To be able to have "before" picture and shock people that they are of me. I think it was also a slap in the face that I am judgemental too, that I judge people who are skinny, just as I am judged because I am overweight. That really opened my eyes as well.

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Teale said...

I think everyone is judgemental, in some form or another. I tend to also be somewhat judgemental of skinny women, assuming that they're going to judge ME... I guess the old saying "Don't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes" holds true...