Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Looking Great in 2008 Week #5

It is official..I lost another pound so that adds up to: -2.4 in a week!!!! I am so very excited that I broke my plateau and that the Take Off I did was worth it. That brings me to over 15 pounds lost, and 192 pounds!!!

Last week I challenged myself to eat well over the weekend. I did. I went out to a restaurant and enjoyed the food choices I made while still eating healthy.

I also worked hard for this loss. I increased my water intake, tried a new recipe, made some other recipes, and did Take Off. And the results were worth it: In 5 days I lost 3 pounds!! Too bad I had gone up last Friday so my loss isnt exactly 3, but I am still proud.

Next week I plan on replacing a meal for 5 days with a meal replacement shake to max my benefits from Take Off. I also challenge myself to get more activity. I plan on starting yoga again, which is an activity I used to enjoy but fell out of habit with.

This week I proved to myself that hard work does make a difference. I need to devote as much energy to this as I did this past week, every week.

I do have an upcoming challenge this weekend as my parents are coming in to town and Friday I will be going to my grandmas where there will be every kind of unhealthy food, as well as eating out a lot. But I know I will make it..I lost these 3 pounds with hard work, Im not going to ruin it!

Thanks again to all those who have provided me with support and encouragement during my "plateau"!


Scale Junkie said...

WOW!! What a phenomenal loss, you are doing so wonderful!! I'm so happy for you. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your parents :-)

Lara said...

That's awesome!! Good for you! A good loss like that is great motivation for the next week too!

Zanitta said...

awesome! I too know the pain of the plateau, well done!

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on the loss! Getting off plateaus is always encouraging. Good luck with this weekend.
Path to Health

Teale said...

Would your grandmother be offended if you brought food to her place? I mean, if she's cooking a meal and you brought a dish also, then you could cook something you KNOW will be healthy for you, and fill up on that and eat smaller amounts of whatever she cooks. I know some grandmas wouldn't like that though, so who knows!

Minke said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I know that those days eating out or with other people can be difficult. Being able to make positive food choices in the restaraunt should be encouraging though... you'll be able to find some way to make good choices wiht your parents as well :)

Chubby Chick said...

Wow! Congrats on the weight loss! Good for you! :)

Beth F. said...

WOW! What a great job - look at you! If you can, can you e-mail me, I have a question for you?


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Man, I am so glad you broke that plateau. PLATEAUs SUCK!!!!

I hope next week is even better for you.

The Princess

Teale said...

RYC from bloop: LOL I *wish* 20 pounds was 2 sizes on me.... no such luck. I wore size 24s 330 pounds and I didn't go down to 22s in the past until I was in the 270s.... sizes don't drop so fast when you're bigger:)

*ccc* said...

That's wonderful! Good for you!!!!

I can't wait to go be in those 100's with you!