Monday, October 22, 2007

I have returned!

Well I am back!! I feel like I havent written in a while.

I had a nice 3 days with my parents. I really enjoyed myself, however there were many challenges I encountered, and today I weighed in +.8. Not too bad though, I am sure that will come right off. So here is how I did:

Eating at my grandmas: This was actually ok. She had a roast and I ate that, some brussel sprouts, and had half a roll. Dessert came and there was cake, but instead I just had a sugar cookie. The cookie isnt really on my plan, but I felt I was entitled to that treat.

Messed up schedule: It was really hard adhering to others schedules. Normally I have a set meal at a set time (or close to). My parents would want lunch at 2 pm and would want a big lunch. I dont normally have that. Or they wanted something specific, like egg salad with regular mayo which didnt fit in with what I had left to eat for the day. Or we would be doing an activity and I wouldnt get all my water in. So I feel really messed up. I tried my best to stick to what I know, but I felt "wrong" not eating the things I normally would eat or eating a wierd times, or missing my water.

Unplanned events: We decided to go to the zoo. There is NOTHING healthy at the zoo. I had a choice of nachos, a hotdog, italian sausage, pizza, or a pretzel. I split the pretzel with my mom. I could have had nothing, but then I would have the questions as to why I wasnt have anything. So it wasnt the worst thing I could eat, but not the best either. We also went out to dinner with my boyfriend and his parents. Had a WONDERFUL time, but we went to a microbrewery and of course everyone was drinking beer. Didnt have enough on my plan for this either, not and have dinner. My boyfriend wanted dessert and while I just had a few bites, I did give in.

Sometimes its just so had to not fit in. Everyone else is eating around you and they dont have to think about what they are eating or "plan" or certain foods. Its hard to be caught off guard when you are trying to lose weight. I think I did the best I could. Being up .8 is not the worst thing in the world, and I realize that its not as if I was doing my very best and gained. I did try, but I could have done better. Sometimes though, I wish I could just be a normal person and not think, I cant have those fries, or, I cant have this beer.

I was also a little upset that my parents never complimented me on losing weight. They never said anything. Either they didnt notice or didnt comment, but I was disapointed. I think that I have been doing a great job and Im sure my weight loss is noticeable, but I guess they just didnt feel it necessary to comment.

In other news though, a woman at work today said, how much weight have you lost? She said it was very noticeable. So that made me really happy!

All in all, it was a weekend of challenges and some I did very well with, others not so well. Its over and Im right back on track.


Scale Junkie said...

Your post really echoed the emphasis food has on our social habits as a society. Sharing a meal, breaking bread, its as old as our recorded time. My family life growing up revolved around food, well food and football. I remember coming home from college for Easter after dieting since January and I had lost about 20 pounds and I thought everyone would just make such a fuss and really noticed my weight loss but no one did. I think people who know us best don't notice changes in us. I wish I knew why.

Welcome back it sounds like you did a really good job of balancing life with your weight loss, you indulged a bit but remained in control. Thats true progress and I'm really proud of you!

Janet said...

I hear ya! Going home for me is such a diet nightmare. My parents realized that I lost some weight (my mom offered to buy me some new jeans that don't fall off, and I of course accepted), but I don't think they realize it's a conscious effort that I'm making.

My father is more complimentary than my mother, but only if someone else brings it up. For example, I went into my dad's office at one point to ask him something (I was in the building getting a copy of my health records), and his nurse asked if I'd lost weight and commented that I was looking good. My dad chimed in that it was good that I'd lost the weight, but that was about it.

My mother, on the other hand, didn't really comment. My sister-in-law made a big to do when we were talking about skirt size for poodle skirts and I measured a smaller weight than either her or my mom. When she saw my jeans she acted absolutely amazed. My mom was just like, "I'll get you some new jeans so that your clothes look better." It's frustrating!

Don't worry about the .8 - it could just be water-weight!

Leigh said...

You have the same starting weight as me... and are trying to lose about the same. You are doing great- farther along than me! Keep it up.

Teale said...

Social eating is difficult, because there aren't always choices that fit in with our plans. We're going to face these struggles the rest of our lives though... there are always going to be meals out, parties, potlucks, etc. We just have to learn to do our best with them. keep up the hard work.