Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Diet is the Best Diet

I do a lot of browsing on the message boards on ivillage while at work. Just something to spice up the day. I get a lot of great tips from the LA Weight Loss Board and a lot of women on there inspire me with their losses.

What I have been doing is going on a lot of different boards dedicated to weight loss. So I visit the Biggest Loser Board, WW, Diet Drugs and Supplements (including Alli), The Dr Phil Diet, etc. I love reading these boards because I think no matter what the diet, there are good tips to learn from all and great recipes to be shared.

What I have noticed though is that everyone thinks the diet they are on is the best., and others must not work. Its kind of funny. People are so sure that when something works for them, that means it works for everyone. Even my own board for LA Weight Loss is like this. The women on there talk kind of snarky to those who dont seem "committed enough", etc. as if they are not good enough for this diet.

I think it is important to remember that different things work for different people. Whatever works best for you is best for you and only you know that. I think it is just important that we are all losing weight and changing our lives. That is why I enjoy these blogs so much...everyone is doing something different, and we are all proof that what we are doing is working!

I talk a lot about the plan Im on because yes, it has worked best for me. I did Atkins (hated it), I did WW and lost a lot but it wasnt for me. I still endorse WW because it is a great plan and works if you know how to use it to your advantage. However, it wasnt for me. It didnt click with me, and now this does. But I will still recommend WW to anyone who asks about it, and I will tell them my experience and my failures from it, because yes, a lot of them were my own and not the plan.

I used to be one of these people..I thought that I knew it all, all the secrets to the diet world. But now I realize that most diets are all alike. Its funny because since I started LA Weight Loss in August, I havent told my family or anyone at work that this is what Im doing. Before, I told everyone I was doing WW because I felt so proud of it. I thought, I am eating better than all you suckers at work and will look great. That did not happen. I am proud of LA Weight Loss, this time it just doesnt feel like anyones business but my own. What I choose to do is what I choose to do. And when people ask me, are you dieting (because I always have healthy lunches), I just say, nope Im just eating healthy. Because thats really what it is.

So whatever you are doing, be proud of yourself that you are doing something, whatever it is, to lose weight and be healthy.


Chubby Chick said...

Great post! I totally agree with what you're saying. We all gotta do what works for us!

Minke said...

Good points. We all have different bodies, all gained differently... why would anyone think that there's a universal best way to lose? Well, I think there are basics (less calories, more exercise) but the details of that have to depend on the individual.

Teale said...

I'm reading Dr. Phil's book right now, mostly just for the information on overcoming my emotional eating... I'm not planning to follow his plan to a T, but I may incorporate some of his suggestions into my WW plan.

Scale Junkie said...

This is so true! We all have a path to walk, the destination may be the same but we all need to take the route that works best for us. I only wish everyone understood this.

*ccc* said...

Sing it, sister! Sing it!

There are a lot of good, healthy ways to lose weight. Some plans work for some folks, some don't.

Doesn't mean they're "bad," "wrong," "worse," or "better."

Everyone has to find their stride and move forward...as long as they're doing it in a healthy way, we should all be supportive and that's that!